Online Holiday Gift Shopping Just Got A Lot Easier

This is the time of year the stores are stocking their shelves for the biggest shopping time of the year. They have dressed up the window mannequins in their finest holiday attire to entice you into the store. They want you to buy something, preferably a lot of things, from them. For online retailers, they offer low prices, free shipping and online coupons for an even lower check-out price. This is the season we spend more money than virtually all the other months combined. For those consumers who do a lot of their shopping online, you need to have a debit or credit card. If you do not have a bank issued debit card, you may want to consider the convenience of the One Vanilla reloadable Visa debit card. With the One Vanilla, online holiday shopping just got a lot easier.

Using The Vanilla Visa Card For Holiday Gift Shopping

Many people do not have a checking account and therefore do not have a bank issued debit card. It is a pain in the neck to do a lot of shopping without a debit or gift card. By using the Vanilla Visa card for holiday shopping, you eliminate the hassles of being without one. If you want to shop online, you really need to have a debit card because that is almost the only way to pay. When you have a pre-paid Visa card from One Vanilla, you can enjoy the convenience of online shopping without being tied down to a traditional checking account.

There are a ton of benefits to having the Vanilla Pre-Paid Visa card. There is no credit check, you can use it at many ATM’s, you can have direct deposit and your money is insured through the FDIC. If you prefer, you can even withdraw money as a cash advance through a bank rather than use the ATM. There are more than 50,000 locations you can easily reload your Vanilla Visa card and you can track your spending online.You can either order your Vanilla Visa card online or you can purchase a starter kit at stores like CVS, Office Depot and even 7/11 stores. You can order a personalized My Vanilla debit card, a gift card or the One Vanilla pre-paid card. Be sure to read all the FAQ’s on the One Vanilla website about any fees you may incur when using the card.

One USA reader will win a $100 One Vanilla GC


  1. I would love to win the vanilla visa card there are several things that I would love to get for myself that don’t fit the budget. This would be nice to win!

  2. I’d want to use the Vanilla gift card – I like that it requires no personal information and is accepted at all retailers 🙂

  3. The MyVanilla Card would be perfect for me. I like that it can be reloaded and it would help me with budgeting.

  4. I think I would get the vanilla Visa…. I HA VE come across places that do not take Master Card! Strange but true. I have no clue why

  5. The Vanilla Visa card would be a perfect gift for our Son. He is away attending Culinary College and every little bit of money he gets is a big help. Thank you for offering this super giveaway opportunity.

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