Online Pet Supplies

Online Pet Supplies

Did you know you could find online pet supplies?  I had no idea but as a new dog owner, I am still learning what it out there for Ringo.  There are actually a lot of websites out there that offer everything from collars to leashes to medications; with or without a prescription.  It can actually be a little overwhelming and how do you know which site is the best for your needs.  You want to find high quality products from a company you can trust who also has a stellar customer service department.  If you are just guessing by what you see online, you may not choose the website that is right for you.

The Vet Depot is an awesome online store for ALL of your pet needs.  When I say ALL, I mean ALL!  You can find your standard fare such as harnesses, bathing and grooming supplies but they offer things I didn’t even know I needed!  Did you know you can purchase a first aid kit for your dog or diabetes control?  Did you even know dogs could have diabetes?  I had no clue!  All the items you find on Vet Depot are leading brands, are FDA and EPA approved and virtually all items ship absolutely free!  I love that you can order product for your furry baby from a trusted supplier who cares about your pet’s health.  Not many companies can roll all these things into one complete package.  I love that I can do all my shopping in one place and know everything I purchase if safe for my Ringo.

K9 Advantix

Flea Treatment For Dogs

I have been buying my flea treatments for dogs from my vet and boy they are not cheap!  For the 4 pack of the K9 Advantix for dogs 21-55 pounds cost me $65 at my vet.  When I visited the Vet Depot, the price for the same item is only $45.87; a savings of almost $20!  That is a half tank of gas these days and any time you can save money, you need to grab it!  I was fortunate enough to receive a 4 pack of the K9 Advantix for Ringo.  The package came within a few days of my order and it came with a convenient business card and magnet to help me remember the information for ordering the next time.  The K9 Advantix is very easy to use, is shipped safely and it is so easy to reorder your next supply.  I feel confident in ordering from a supplier that carries over 2,000 brand names and I can even use my prescription from my local vet and fill the order at Vet Depot.  You can find flea treatments for your dog as well as your cat, so all of your needs are met in one convenient location at Vet Depot.  I think the Vet Depot is the biggest peace of mind I have found for my Ringo yet and I am a customer for life!