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provost academy Have you ever wondered about online schools? #MyUnVirtualSchool Most of us are aware of the online college courses you can take, but there are other options available as well. You can find free online public schools for your K-12 child in many states. I know where I live in Tennessee, we have 2 online schools which serve grades K-12. This is a great option for the homeschool family like mine who wants to follow a more structured way of learning. At Provost Academy, your child can attend a quality public school without ever leaving the house! At Provost Academy online public school in Ohio, the staff is serving grades 6-12, while in CO and SC, grades 9-12 are served. 50912d35-6d1e-460e-9c96-8f44c986c594_zps4d56b1c8

At Provost Academy, they have put the social aspect into virtual learning, which is different from many online schools you will find. Many online schools are curriculum driven but not socially driven. Currently, the attendance numbers in the thousands who are all working towards their dream of being the best student they can while building friendships as they go. By matching students with similar dreams, goals, aspirations, and future plans, these students can inspire and support one another to meet those goals. The staff at Provost Academy is constantly looking for new ways to connect students with professionals in their field of interest.
Another great concept at Provost Academy is they match students with opportunities which they can actually do, explore, expand their knowledge and prepare themselves for the future. Provost Academy is an accredited institution, which means the diplomas the students receive are recognized by colleges as well as the military. Because they are a public school, there are no fees! The teachers, advisers and administrators work hard to build one on one relationships with their students. Instead of asking students for their minimum, the staff challenges students to surpass what they think they can do. They are a dedicated group challenging each student to go beyond what they think possible and to care deeply about the learning process not just the outcome.
We are social creatures, preferring to hang out with family, friends and coworkers. We do better in pairs or groups than we do on our own. This is why Provost Academy wants to hear from you about your ideas to make them an UnVirtual Online School. I think online schools can be more social by making different clubs available for the kids to join. My kids love video games and art, so if a club or group with similar interests was available, I think the kids would love to join.

 Share (in the comments section) an idea as to how an online school can be social. All ideas are welcome, whether revolutionary or simple and  1 winner will be drawn at random and the winner will receive a $100 Gift Card to Barnes & Noble. Click HERE for the Official Contest Rules.

How do you think an online school can become social? What do you think of the My UnVirtual School Idea

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