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Oral Care For Infants Spiffies Teething Wipes and I Can Brush Solution Sweepstakes

Oral Care For Infants

I have learned the hard way that oral care for infants is of the utmost importance.  When I had my first daughter 4 years ago, I was diligent with wiping down her gums, and then brushing/flossing once her teeth came in.  Her teeth were very close together so I brushed and flossed twice a day…all the while thinking I was doing a terrific job!  When it came time for her to go to the dentist at age 3, I went in confident and came out crying (literally).  She had 4 cavities!!!  As I listened to the dentist tell me that the tears streamed down my face…I had failed but how?  I did all the things I was supposed to do.  I vowed to do things differently when I had my second daughter…this was for sure!

Xylitol Products For Kids

After my issues, with my first daughter I took my second daughter to the dentist at age 1 and they recommended Xylitol products for kids.  It’s so important to have an oral hygiene routine especially with babies.  It lays the foundation for good oral care and prevents tooth and gum decay.  I was so excited to have the opportunity to review Spiffies Baby Tooth Wipes and I Can Brush Solution.  My youngest is still cutting teeth and the Baby Tooth Wipes have been very soothing on her gums (I put them in the refrigerator) and then massage her gums.  They are wonderful and she loves the grape and apple flavor.  They are made with natural Xylitol, natural flavor and are fluoride/benzocaine free!  The best part is that they are individually wrapped so you can throw a few in your diaper bag or purse to wipe your children’s teeth down when you are on the run and not able to brush.  I have had my older daughter use them as well when she has more candy than I would like and it will be several hours before going home.  The I Can Brush Solution was equally as great for brushing her teeth.  She has never given me a problem brushing, she watches her older sister and wants to be just like her.  She loved the flavor and wanted to brush for what seemed like hours.  I like to let her do it on her own and then I finish up to make sure everything is covered.  To say that I am paranoid is an understatement, if this child has cavities when she’s 3 I will have to be committed!!  I feel very confident that my daughter’s teeth are super clean and protected from decay.  Cavities are preventable and did you know that cavities in baby teeth lead to cavities in permanent teeth??  That tidbit of information was alarming to me because most are of the mindset that they baby teeth will fall out no worries, I never realized it could pass to the permanent tooth below.  All the more reason to make sure your kids teeth are protected from bacteria with the Spiffies products.

You can purchase a 3 pack of the I Can Brush Solution for $24.99 and 3 boxes of the Spiffies Baby Tooth Wipes for $20.97.  Check them out on Facebook for more information!

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