Organize Your Kitchen Drawers

Organize Your Kitchen Drawers

What do you use to organize your kitchen drawers?  I only have three drawers in my kitchen and I have a lot of junk to cram in there!  I have some plastic bins to put things in but they don’t work as well as I want them to.  I have a lot of utensils and some of them are too big or thick to put in the utensil holder on the counter.  So my bigger utensils like my ladle, whisk, spaghetti spoon and mixer beaters just slide around when I open and close the drawer.  Even if I wanted to keep those items in another container, I don’t have the counter space to hold another container.  I am at a loss as to what to do.

Drawer Decor is a company founded by Keith Nielson who is all about keeping drawers neat and chic at the same time.  While he was trying to get his own drawers organized, he could not find anything that would keep his larger or oddly shaped utensils in one place.  The organizers he did find were not only unacceptable for what he needed but they were all plain and ugly.  With his ingenious and innovative design, Nielson came up with a system that is colorful and practical and can be customized to suit your needs.  His unique and clever design includes a non-stick mat and 16 rubber-like components that stick to the rubber mat, keeping everything in its place.  The components come in 3 sizes so you can use the longer and medium length pieces for keeping handles in place, the triangle pieces that keep the head or neck of a utensil for moving all over the place.  These kits come in bright and vibrant colors like red, orange, sky blue, line and purple.

Keep Your Kitchen Neat

I am so glad that Drawer Decor has come up with this system to keep your kitchen neat.  I was more than happy to review the Drawer Decor ($24.99) in orange to get my drawers in my kitchen neat and tidy.  What makes this system really cool is not only the mat and the matching components is the material the mat and components are made from.  Have you ever seen those little sticky toys that you can throw against the wall and they stick?  It has an odd feel to it and they are tacky to the touch.  That is kind of what these pieces feel like to me.  What is really cool is that once you place all the barriers on either side of the utensil, it sticks until you pull it off, so you know your utensils are not going to move.  I have never seen anything like this before and it is really cool.  The kids think it is really cool and they will come over about every 2-3 days and rearrange everything!  And what is really great is that you can wipe the mat clean.  I love my new Drawer Decor and I bet you will too!

One reader will win a Drawer Decor kit in their choice of color ($24.99).

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  1. I’m using a drawer inserts to arrange my utensils and knives and many others, just to keep them intact and in place.

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