Organize Your Life In Style

Organize Your Life In Style

If you are a busy mom, there is no reason you can’t organize your life in style!  I continue to be amazed at the mountain of stuff I “need” every time I leave the house!  I thought one the kids were older the amount of things I needed to carry with me was going to shrink.  If anything, my mountain has gotten even bigger.  When we leave the house, I carry a big messenger bag with my stuff and a bag for each of the kids.  Depending on where we are going, I also carry snacks, drinks, toys, etc.  My car is not that big and I am tired of taking an hour to pack before I can ever leave my house.  I decided I should look into a system that would cut down on the things I need to pack to make my day less stressful.

Car Go and FilessugarSNAP is a very innovative and creative company that has designed an organization system to make busy parents life easier.  Stacy Cooper Dent and Tarah Smith Evans have been friends since they met while taking a pre-natal tour at their hospital.  Both Stacy and Tarah were carrying twins that were born just weeks apart. When getting ready to travel with the twins, both women found they were re-packing their diaper bags every day and it took a good bit of time to do so.  What made the experience more frustrating was locating something they needed in the deep recesses of their diaper bags, which they affectionately called “The Bermuda Triangle”.  While on an outing when they tried to find a soothing item for a crying baby, they both agreed there had to be a better way and the sugarSNAP system was born.  You can learn more about sugarSNAP by liking them on Facebook, following them on Twitter and pinning them on Pinterest.

Car GO

Keep Your Baby Products Organized

If you need a system that will help you keep your baby products organized, you are in for a real treat.  The ladies from sugarSNAP offered to allow me to review not one but both of their sugarSNAP systems and I was so excited.  I will admit, my kids are older, but I do have a family we have adopted who has a baby, so the system works for all the kids.  The sugarSNAP files ($44.00) come in two designs, and I chose the Parker with its bright green and orange colors.  The files have sturdy rubber tabs that are labeled with “Dipes and Wipes” and “Lotions and Potions” to name a few.  If you have older kids, you can easily flip the pockets around and make your own labels.  The sugarSNAP Car Go is so roomy and sturdy but it folds for your convenience as well.  The box is big enough to carry many items you re-use over and over again.  I even made my own label for our dog Ringo to carry his to go food and water bowls.  This way, I won’t need to remember to pack them if we travel.  I really love the peace of mind knowing I have all the necessities I need without going back and forth to pack and unpack them.  I can tell you the sugarSNAP filing system is a must have for any busy person on the go.

One reader will win one set of The sugarSNAP Files ($44.00) in the green and orange Parker design.

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