Organizing Your Kitchen Cabinets My kids make fun of me because I am pretty anal retentive when it comes to cleaning and organizing my house. It is funny to see me like this as an adult when as a teenager I was the complete opposite. I had such a messy bedroom, you could not walk from all the crap I had all over the floors, hanging out of dressers and crammed in the closet. I was always late for school because I was never able to find anything to wear or could not locate my book bag. When I moved out on my own, I did a complete turn around and became very OCD about how my house looked. When we moved into our current house, we were extremely limited on space, so we had to get creative on how to organize and store our bathroom and kitchen products. I had no idea where to start, so I did some research and came up with some great tips: 5 Steps To Organized Kitchen Cabinets

5 Steps To Organized Kitchen Cabinets

  1. Purge What You Have: The first thing you need to do in your quest to organizing your kitchen cabinets is to de-clutter. I am very guilty of keeping things around, even if they have gone past their prime. Before you organize your cabinets, go through everything you have and check for expiration dates and broken or torn seals or containers. Toss anything you cannot use so all you have left are items you can use.
  2. Get Things In Order: After you have tossed what you do not need, you need to get what you have left in order. The best thing to do is group like things together so they make sense to you. Put all your baking items together, your canned goods together and so on.
  3. Take Measurements: Next you need to buy containers and dividers to organize your kitchen cabinets. Before you do this, you need to measure your cabinets to know what will fit. There is nothing worse than choosing your organizational components and get them home and they do not fit!
  4. Choose Your Organizational Items: The next step, after you measure, is to choose the items you want to use to organize your cabinets. This can be a variety of products that can have a multitude of functions. I chose a number of different items from Spectrum Diversified to whip my cabinets into shape!
  5. Put Everything Into Place: Now that you have your organizational items, you need to place your cabinet contents in their rightful place. I have all of my boxes of food like rice, baking mixes and mac and cheese in one area. I have my baking items in another, canned goods in one and my bottles like syrup and honey in another. Now I can find what I need, when I need it and it looks so nice too!

Spectrum Diversified When I first found Spectrum Diversified, I was in heaven! They have so many cool items to make your life easier! There are items for your kitchen, the bathroom, your closets and more. I was blown away by how many different styles, finishes and sizes of items were available to get my kitchen cabinets organized once and for all! They have wire baskets, over the door organizers, hair dryer holders, ironing organizers and beautiful fruit and bread baskets. I kid you not, I was on the website for over an hour trying to decide which products I wanted for my kitchen. I chose items for 3 separate purposes: to organize my pantry, my under the sink area and my fruits. Before I received my items from Spectrum Diversified, I had my foil, wax paper and other items thrown under the sink in a plastic bin. My pantry was crammed full of goods which were all out of order and my fruits were just in a bag on my counter.

For the pantry, I chose the Ashley Tiered Shelf Organizer, which sells for $13, for my baking supplies. It is perfect for keeping everything organized and at my fingertips. I also chose the Long Wire Caddy, which sells for $8 to keep my honey and sauces in order. For our drink packets, we are using the 6 x 6 Grid Tray Organizer, which sells for $4. Finally, I chose the Flower Bread Basket in black, which sells for $13, for keeping my fruit all together. For under the sink, I chose the Contempo Over the Cabinet Door Large Basket, which sells for $14, for my foil, wax paper and spray bottles. I love how all of my Spectrum products look, how my pantry and under the sink look and how organized I am! Be sure to keep current with the latest news and deals from Spectrum by following them on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. One USA reader will win the same 4 items I received to organize their kitchen ARV $55.

What tips do you have for organizing your kitchen cabinets?