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Orlando Florida Vacation Sweepstakes #NSXmas

As part of the #NSXmas Sweepstakes Event, Makobi Scribe has partnered with Global Resort Homes to bring your an Orlando, Florida vacation package! You will get to stay at one of the Global Resort Homes with your family for 3 nights and 4 days as well as get four admissions to Sea world Parks in Orlando. Blackout dates do apply. The vacation stay expires in one year, and the 4 Sea World admissions expire in February 2014. Please enter to win on the Giveaway Tools form below.

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  1. My Favorite vacation memory was actually in Orlando. The first time at Disney and watching the fireworks at Magic Kingdom is etched in my memory.

  2. my fave trip was when i took my 2 daughters to Williamsburg VA one summer. we had such a relaxing fun time 🙂

  3. My favorite vacation was going to Disney World for the first time when I was 5….I cant wait to take my kids there one day!!

  4. I remember the first time I took my son to WDW. He was so little on the bus transport I couldn’t find a seat for both of us. I had him sit down next to a lady and stood beside him. He must have gotten nervous because he wanted the lady to hold his hand and be comforted. This kind stranger held his hand while we took the long bus ride and reassured my little guy that everything would be o.k.

  5. When we were kids, we traveled from the midwest to california. somewhere in utah or arizona, we stopped at hotel and got ready to jump in the pool. right before we hit the water, we realized the whole pool was full of bugs…like a whole layer. Fortunately none of us hit the bug water, but it became quite the story.

  6. Just this past summer I went and spent a week with my niece and her family and we all went to Kings Island ( in Ohio) and it was the best vaction I have ever had!

  7. My daughter and I had an amazing time last time we went to Florida! We went swimming in an outdoor heated pool surrounded by palm trees, saw gators and ate beignets at Disney World.

  8. My fave memory was going to Disneyland, CA when I was little. It was the first vacation I remember, and it truly was the happiest place on earth 🙂

  9. I would have to say it was when almost my whole family went to Hawaii, it was the last time we all went on vacation together before my dad passed away. Thanks for the opportunity.

  10. Our last vacation memory was when we rented a house for a week on the beach in Virginia Beach… gorgeous 14 bedroom house, my entire family there… it was a dream come true 🙂

  11. Camping in St. Augustine is my favorite. We got to go to the fort and all the old buildings and then go to the beach.

  12. my favorite memory was my sister asking me to go on vacation with her since she knew i couldn’t afford to go. we had a blast and got to do whatever we wanted!

  13. This past summer we were able to spend a week at the beach with our entire family. We love the beach and even though we all go every year, this was the first year in over 15 years that we have all been able to go together, so it was very special.

  14. I loved going to Vegas with my sister a few years ago! We had so much fun people-watching and exploring! We also got to go to the Grand Canyon – which of course, was amazing!

  15. When my kids were between13 and 5 we went to an Ohio state park and rented a cabin. We had a blast, the kids still talk about it. It was one of our cheapest but best vacation.

  16. My favorite vacation memory had to have been in Paris when I was staying alone in a hostel and we all decided to start a flash mob at the eiffel tower at midnight. Eventually all the tourists joined in with me and our dance was shown on the news

  17. My favorite vacation memory was driving up to Orlando with my boyfriend last winter. In the last three years it has been our tradition to go to Gaylord Palms for the special ICE event and Luminescence light/music show. We went to Seaworld last holiday and it was beautiful with the lights.

  18. My favorite vacation memory was getting stuck in the rain in Boston, and having to go get lunch looking like drowned rats! I’ve had some pretty bad experiences with past vacations haha, and haven’t been on one since 2008 so it would be lovely to win!!

  19. I have a lot of memories but the one that stands out the most is the time I took my nephew who has MS to the beach. He was so content and peaceful listening to the waves and it just made my weekend a lot brighter!

  20. One of my favorite vacation memories is going to Tahiti. I just loved the little huts each had their own balcony and steps leading right into the ocean! And the hotel we stayed at had a mother cat and her kittens living under the building and I looooved playing with the kittens!

  21. Our honeymoon to Thailand and Malaysia. We had fun and I seriously love that place. Though on the last 2 days of the vacation, we were exhausted and tired

  22. Our family trip to Beaver’s Bend as part of Daddy’s bucket list three years ago. It was difficult emotionally but so worth it.

  23. It was a week sent in a trailer when my daughter was about 4. We went to local fairs, fishing, swimming, great memories

  24. I enjoyed traveling with my four year old son to Universal last year. Seeing the smile on his face, and the joy he had was like nothing else in this world. It was truly a fun vacation.

  25. My favorite vacation memory was a trip through the Florida Keys that resulted in a job, working for the family of a friend, and living on a small sailboat for 7 months. It was AMAZING.

  26. My Favorite Vacation was when we were able to go with my cousin who was granted a wish by The Make-A-Wish Foundation. We went to Kids Village and a whole week from Monday to Friday, we visited Magic Kingdom, Sea World, MGM Studios etc.

  27. As a child my grandparents would take me and my cousins on road trips. Before all the electronics existed. One time we went to South Dakota and I got locked in the bathroom at our hotel and various other adventurers

  28. Favorite vacation memory: we were attending Highland games in NY State. That night, sitting around our campfire, we could hear bagpipes playing in the woods at various other campsite. Magical.

  29. In February of 2011 my wife and wenton a cruise for our 20th anniversary it is cold in pennsylvania in February. So it was so awesome

  30. I live in snow country so anywhere warm is wonderful! Any family time together is what makes anywhere you are the most memorable.

  31. Last year I traveled with my aunts for Christmas. I wanted to do Alligator and Airboat tour and was happy to go alone. But, they decided to go with me. Best! Fun! Ever! We got a photo of me holding a miniature rescue alligator and got to see the gators hiding in cornfields!

  32. My favorite vacation was when my daughter was six. Our extended family went to the the Grand Canyon. It was a blast.

  33. Our family trip to DC in 2009 is my most memorable. The whole family enjoyed the museums and the zoo and all of the memorials we visited. The trip was education and also one of the most fun we’ve ever had.

  34. My favorite vacation memory is going to Disney World when I was 11. I still have pictures that I took with all the characters and autographs that I got. Tons of fun.

  35. Going to New York City with my husband last month. We’ve been married 3 years and that was the first trip we’d ever taken together.

  36. The one and only vacation we were able to afford so far and by far great memories was to Ocean City Maryland and the kids had a blast

  37. My favorite vacation memory was of Austria. We visited the mountains where the Sound of Music was filmed. This was outside of Salzburg, Austria.

  38. My favorite vacation memory is taking my children to the Omaha zoo when they were younger and healthier. The smile on their faces after seeing the animals. The joy and fun we had that day. I remember their was a clown at the zoo and my daughter went up to him and squeezed his big red nose. Then the clown had to squeeze my daughters nose. That was a funny moment. All and all, all my favorite vacations are the little day trips that I take with my family.

  39. We went to Ottawa last winter to catch a Sens game for our son’s b/day – the kids had so much fun in the hotel room, it’s the room they want to go back vacationing to.

  40. my favorite vacation memory is when I went for the first time to Washington, DC with my school. This was the first time I’d ever travelled

  41. My favorite vacation was Divi resort in St. roux. I won the week vacation with air hotel and drinks. Best vacation ever!!!

  42. My favorite vacation was last summer. My family is spread out all over the U.S.
    We rented a house at the beach and everyone came. It was the first time we’d all been together in about 10 years.

  43. taking our first family cruise – it was a 2 week cruise over Christmas and New Years all the way down to South America. Another fave trip was 20 days to all 4 Hawaii islands with my grandma’s and family – wonderful memories.

  44. My best memories of my family vacations are when we rented a cottage at the beach for a month in the summer. Each of us got to bring a friend and we would all have a blast.

  45. when I was younger, we always drove to vacation. My favorite memory was driving to Tennessee to visit relatives in my grandmothers van!

  46. One of my favorite vacation memories is the last family vacation I went on with my parents and siblings when we went white water rafting in Colorado. Another favorite vacation memory is when the whole family: grandparents, parents, kids, cousins (15 people in all) took a trip to San Antonio together and went to Sea World, the Alamo and the Riverwalk.

  47. My favourite memory is the first time I went abroad with my family when I was 10 years old. We went to Malta and it was amazingly hot. My dad couldn’t swim and so I spent hours in the pool teaching him. The best quality ever was spent during that time and a lifetime of happy memories created!

  48. My favorite vacation memory has to be when I was almost 10 years old, my mom surprised me with airline tickets to visit Orlando, FL. At the time, she was 7 months pregnant with my sister, so it was the last trip with just her and I. She took to me to Universal Studios for the first time. While, there, I got to visit Nick Studios. OMG, it was everything my childhood was. I was picked to taste Slime and Gak, and I also got to get slimed. It was the most awesome experience ever. I never in my wildest dreams thought 10 years from that point I would be working there 🙂

  49. When I was little I remember going to a mexican Restaurant by our hotel and the Tornado sirens went off. My parents rushed us back to the hotel and we had to sit downstairs in the hallway until it past. I was so excited and loved it but my parents and sisters were not so excited.

  50. ******I think my favorite vacation memory is taking my son to Disney for the first time and watching his face and his excitement-also his love for Minnie Mouse was so cute-when we returned home everything had to be Disney in his room:)******

  51. When i went to the beach with my family as a kid that is the only time ive gone on a vacation with my mom dad and sisters all together!! wish i could do it again sometime!

  52. My favourite vacation memory was climbing Mount Batur in Bali, Indonesia with my best friend Tiff. It is a volcano that still emits steam, and we got to cook our egg breakfast on the volcano’s steam while we watched the sun rise after our amazing 2 hour hike! It is a moment I will never forget for as long as I live, and I can’t wait to create more amazing memories such as that one!

  53. one of my favorite memories is going to NYC with my family for the first time. we drove, and it was quite hectic. we even locked the keys in the car on the way home. haah good fun to remember now!

  54. My favorite vacation memory is on our honeymoon when I found out where we were going in the airport since my husband planned it all!

  55. My favorite memory would be when my family and I took a big road trip from California, to Oregon, Canada, Idaho, and Montana.

  56. My favorite memory is when we took my baby daughter to Hawaii. She loved the ocean and the turtles at the Aquarium.

  57. I have many favorite vacation memories of my 3 daughters, my husband and I going to timeshares in Branson, Missouri.

  58. My favorite vacation memory would have to be my 25 year anniversary trip with my husband. We went to the Smoky Mountains…beautiful!!

  59. My favorite memory is a Disney trip we took with our small children. We had such a great time we cried when it was time to leave!

  60. My favorite vacation memory was going to California to see my Dad. We went to Alcatraz Island and toured the Old Alcatraz Jail.

  61. when me & my 4 kids got to go on our first vacation….which was a few years back and we haven’t been on one since 🙁

  62. My favorite vacation memory is a trip my hubby and I took to Arkansas – went hiking in a state park and stayed in a yurt – only a 2 day trip but it was awesome!

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