gator tailHow do you feel about Gator Tail? To a lot it is a delicacy that is served only in swampy areas. I live in Florida, so I am fortunate enough to be able to eat this tasty cuisine on the regular. However, many of the women on this trip had never had it so we ordered four half pound baskets. Yum!

The menu at East Lake Fish Camp Marina and Restaurant at Boggy Creek has a wide variety of food to satisy even the pickiest of pallates. In addition to the fried gator nuggets, they also have chili, new england clam chowder, salads, catfish, wings, sandwiches, chicken fingers and philly cheese steaks. Many sandwhiches are offered including catfish, salads, wings and chicken fingers.

Boggy Creek Airboat Tours

When we were done with lunch we toured the Boggy Creek Swamplands on a Boggy Creek Airboat Tour airboat going up to 40 miles per hour. In the picture above you can see where our airboat met up with the other half of the #DisneyGlobalEvent crew. I thought it was funny when we passed by because it was bloggers taking pictures of bloggers!

Airboat Tour at Boggy Creek It was a beautiful site with the swamp really close and personal. If I wanted to, I could have reached out and touched the lily pads the gators were hiding in, but I didn’t. Billy, our guide pointed out a few mama gators and their babies. Below is the mama that was lurking by keeping an eye out for predators. I never would have even thought of an alligator having a predator.

baby gatorThen, he pointed out the blue heron which is the main predator of the baby gators and the bird was not far from the area the alligator family was hanging out. When we flew by the blue heron flew away but when we circled back around he was back.

Blue HeronYou could tell the heron was looking for his lunch because the bird kept circling around the baby gators with a watchful eye. Then not too far behind the heron was the mama protecting her young. It was really neat to see nature in action up and close.
Apple Snail
Billy also pointed out some apple snails eggs which were clinging to the lilys and plants and then showed us how big the apple snail grew too. Bigger than any snail I have ever seen.

Boggy Creek Swampland

All and all the boat ride was really realaxing. I could feel the sun on my face and the wind in my hair. There is always something about being close to nature that really puts me at peace. I had thought the airboat ride would have been choppy or at least a bit rough, but the boat just glided across the water like a hot knife slicing through butter. I never knew that such beauty exsisted so close to my home. It is pretty neat to have your eyes opened to new experiences right at your front door that will be easy to return too. Boggy Creek Airboat Rides and East Lake Fish Camp will be a stop that I would love to show to my children the next time we visit Kissimmee. Since we do not live too far, it would be a great day trip for the whole family! I am curious how the swampland changes in Florida from Season to season and I will return again to check. I know that is really odd for a lot of northerners to hear about a Florida season, but if you look closely at our Nature every plant and animal has a growing cycle with births and blooms. You can find Boggy Creek on Facebook, You Tube and Twitter.

alligatorAfter the Airboat rides, Gator Adventure Productions showed us a Gator named Gator. Now, I wonder do they give the Gator a generic name because he is soon to be lunch? Visiting Boggy Creek Airboat Rides is part of the big 7 Day Dream Vacation to Kissimmee.

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