Captain America

We love the Avengers. My family has watched the whole series that has been made by Marvel comics leading up to the final Avengers movie. We have seen them all in the movie theater and own most of them at home as well. Naturally, we were one of the first to order the Exclusive Blu-Ray/DVD/Novel Combo Pack at Walmart, and we also received a copy of the limited edition Marvel Graphic Novel which is offered as a perk when you pre-order and only available at Walmart.

Marvel Graphic Novel

Most of our birthday parties and play-dates are themed after one Avenger or another. My kids play dress up as super heroes all the time, and guess what they are going to be for Halloween? Yup, Mason is going to be Captain America and Jakobi will be the Incredible Hulk. I purchased their costumes from Walmart at a really reasonable price and even got them matching graphic tees to wear under the costumes in case they get hot – they can still be themed! As a matter of fact we were planning one and needed to get supplies. We knew the Augmented Reality app was just released and we could get more characters to play the game. Below Jakobi is playing at the Incredible Hulk. You can walk around reality and fight spaceships and bad guys smashing and bashing them in real time.

Augmented Reality

In order to get the Avengers characters, you have to go to specially marked spots in Walmart usually on displays near Avenger-themed gear and goods. Below is a display that tells you about the Superhero Augmented Reality app. You can download it at home from Google Play or iTunes.  Look for the trigger spots in the following places:

  • Shopping Cart Rail Signage (at store entrance)
  • Sensor Shrouds (advertisements on security sensors at store entrance)
  • Pallet Train Display (Hasbro/Marvel/DVD/Mad Engine)
  • Toy Trend Pod
  • New Release End Cap (5D HVE/NR)
  • Content Pallet (Blu-Ray/DVD Pallets or Blu-Ray/DVD Extravaganza)
  • Costume Pallet (D18 Diguise ½ Pallet)
  • Content Stickers
  • Apparel (4 Way Signage)
  • MarketSide Pizza at Walmart Deli

The Avengers App

Once you find a display, you take a picture of it with your phone and the toon is downloaded to your Superhero Augmented Reality app. You can hunt in all of the different sections in the store and collect them all.

downloading the Avengers

While we were hunting for new toons (this is what gamers call their characters), we picked up a pizza for the party. It was Avenger-themed so how could we resist? If you have never tried a Deli Marketside Pizza, they are fresh not frozen. Mason wanted Captain America, so pepperoni it was.

I stopped by the party supply area, and I picked up some Avengers cups because we were going to have Hulk green punch to drink. I knew we needed a Super-strong Superhero cup to hold in the Hulk’s awesomeness.

Avengers Party Supplies

Finally it is time to party. I made Thor hammer cookies from fig newtons and pretzel sticks. I also made Captian America shields to complete the Avenger party meal.

Avengers Party Food Ideas

Uh! Oh! Captain America is ready to sit down and eat. He knows he better chow fast before the Hulk comes. He was pretty impressed by the Shields.

Wow! Great food Mom!

Too late! Here he comes a running! Take Cover! Arrgggghhhhh!

Good thing Captain America has a good heart and shares.

Avengers sharing food

You can see more pictures from our party and our whole path to purchase these great items on my Google Plus Album. Noah has some pretty good poses in the kids gear! Check it out! You can follow @Marvel on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with the latest on the Avengers’ activities!

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    • Your Super Hero crew is simply MARVELous! What a fun way to turn shopping into an adventure for the kids and kids at heart! Thanks so much for sharing your fun family day and good luck with the costume collection 🙂

  1. Oh my gosh! Those boys are too cute! We have a house full of boys here, so I’ve HAD to learn every Avenger and their story. Do you have the Hulk Hands at your house (I can remember when those things came out!)

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