stain-odor-removerAnyone who has a pet is always looking for something to handle stains and odors!  Well I think I have found the holy grail of stain and odor removers, the product is called OUT! and its “oxidizing power makes pet stains and odors disappear”.  I don’t have a lot of carpet in my house but it doesn’t matter my dog seeks out the carpet and pukes on it (I still can’t figure it out…but I know I am not alone in this so it brings me comfort).  OUT! works great and has a pleasant smell its not over powering or chemical like at all.  Its safe for pets and children so thats a huge bonus.  My dog sleeps in my room on guess what?  My $1500 area rug!!  I just love it (I hope you can sense my sarcasm). He’s by no means a dirty dog but let’s face it dogs smell so my room started to smell a little funky in the general vicinity of where he likes to sleep.  I sprayed OUT! following the directions and like magic it cleaned the carpet and made the odor vanish.  I also spot treated a couple of other areas where he had a puke war previously and they came out great.

This isn’t just a pet specific product while it “removes stains made by urine, vomit, feces, pheromones and blood” its also “tough on most household stains-dirt, grass, coffee and more working on old and new problem areas”.  My 8 month old was crawling around on her off white carpeted room and spit up a big pile of peas (army green)…my heart sank looking at the mess on the floor, then I remembered OUT! and got right on cleaning it up.  There is no trace of the peas on her floor!  I am so happy to have this product in my arsenal of cleaning supplies. Thank you for reading my review and giveaway post, now enter using the Rafflecopter application.


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