Outdoor Concert Must Haves

Do you love to attend live music concerts and events? When the weather is pretty, many bands will play outdoor venues. If you have never been to an outdoor concert, it is really a lot of fun! Many people go to live outdoor music festivals and concerts for more than just the music! There is usually a lot of people watching to do and many venues have pre-concert activities to keep concert goers occupied until the show starts. With large festivals like Coachella, Bonaroo and Lalapalooza, there are usually vendors to visit, booths and tents with things to do and good food and drinks. If you are planning to attend an outdoor concert or similar event, here is a list of outdoor concert must haves you should bring with you:

5 Must Have Items For An Outdoor Concert Pin

5 Must Have Items For An Outdoor Concert

  1. Seating: If you have lawn seats you will want to bring a waterproof cushion or folding chair to sit on. Grass tends to get wet and mushy, even when it has not rained. If you have reserved seats, they tend to be uncomfortable, so the cushion is still the way to go.
  2. Sunscreen: If you forget this, you are going to be sorry the next day! Even if you have darker skin, you still need a god SPF if you are going to be outside for several hours.
  3. Water Bottle: You need to hydrate often throughout the day and evening. If you are drinking alcohol, you need to drink one water for ever adult beverage you consume.
  4. Comfy Shoes: If you are outdoors and walking all day, you will want comfortable shoes. If you can wear closed toed shoes, that works best because of the crowds. You do not want some guy wearing combat boots to step on your feet when you are wearing flip flops!
  5. Tickets: Tickets are the first thing you buy but the last thing you want to forget when you attend your concert. When buying your tickets, you want to get the best seats at the best price, right? With ScoreBig, you can get great seats at up to 60% off and they guarantee it!

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It is crazy how expensive tickets to concerts can be now. When I was growing up, you could see a headlining band for less than $50 and those were great seats! Now you are lucky to get tickets for less than $200 for a so-so seat. When you buy your tickets through ScoreBig, you are guaranteed to save on every ticket for any event and there are no fees. You can find tickets for sports, concerts, theater, Broadway, family shows, and attractions. Unlike other companies who offer discounted seats but choose them for you, ScoreBig allows you to choose your seating area. If you are ordering more than one ticket, you will be able to sit together instead of being spread out all over the place.

Finding the venue and tickets you want is easy with ScoreBig.com. All you do is create an account which just takes a few minutes and search for the event or person you want to see. Next, ScoreBig will provide you with a list of the dates, locations and venues for that event. Once you decide which date you want, you will see what the average price per ticket is for that show. You then choose the amount you want to pay for the tickets , which gives the ticket provider the ability to choose the best seats available in your area and price range. After you input your amount you want to spend, ScoreBig will tell you your chances of scoring a ticket in that price range.


For the tickets to Dave Matthews I was looking for, I offered $75 per ticket and I was told the chances of finding seats in my area were low. I upped the price to $100 and I was told my chances were good for getting the seats I wanted. Within just a few seconds, you will get an answer and if you are pleased with the selection of seats, you can make your payment and submit your offer. Your tickets will arrive in plenty of time for the big show at no additional charge! It is easy, fun and you are in complete control! Be sure to follow ScoreBig on Twitter, Flickr and their blog to keep up with their latest news and offers.

What band would you most like to see in concert?