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My kids, like most other kids in the neighborhood, have gotten pretty bored with summer break. This is not to say they wish it were over, but they want something new to do. I guess the millions of video games, the trampoline, skates, roller blades, pool and other outdoor toys for kids they have are not keeping them occupied. It is hard to keep up with their pace, especially when dealing with a one income family budget. Thankfully there are the top notch toys from Zing Brand to keep my kids from dying of boredom this summer!

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Zing became a favorite of mine when we received a few of  their bow and arrow sets. I reviewed them in my post, “Toys For The Next Katniss Everdeen From The Hunger Games.” Ever since the movie came out, the kids have been obsessed, so these toys were perfect for them! The Zing Brand toys are incredibly well made and will stand up to the hard play of your kids but they are safe as well.

zoom rocket

We were sent two really fun toys from Zing to get the kids out of my hair. We received the X6 Zoom Rocket, which retails for $25 and the Sky Gliderz, which retails for $15. The X6, which is Henry’s favorite, recently made the TTPM’s Summer Playlist of Hot Toys. It is the first auto rotating, multi-launching Zoom Rocket from Zing. It comes with 6 soft foam rockets which are loaded onto the base. The kids love slamming their feet and watching the air-powered rockets zoom over 100 feet in the air! There are no batteries required, just your kids lead foot and energy! You can see the X6 in action in this Zing YouTube video.

We also received the Sky Gliderz from Zing, which Caitlin really likes a lot. These soft foam stunt planes can glide to over 120 feet. It comes with a Rip-Zip launcher, which has a lot of power behind it, let me tell you! The kids can do all kinds of stunts and tricks and when they launch them, they make this cool whistling sound. When you point the launcher at the ground, the planes will do cool loops. When you point it sideways at a tree, or your brother, the planes will comes back to you like a boomerang. This is a toy the kids have gotten a lot of fun out of because of all the different tricks they can make the planes do. You can purchase the Zing toys from their online stores, Amazon and other fine toy retailers. Be sure to follow Zing Toys on Twitter and YouTube. One USA reader will win one X6 and one set of Sky Gliderz ARV $40.

What are your children’s favorite outdoor toys for kids?


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