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Outdoor Water Fun for Kids with the Aeromax Astronaut Space Pack

Outdoor Water Fun for Kids

As a year round resident of sunny (and HOT!) Southwest Florida, I am constantly looking for outdoor water fun for kids.  We have a pool and go in it at least once a day but that can get boring and mundane.  Although it’s fun to take trips to the park and beach, it’s more realistic staying home and enjoying the toys and games that we have here.  I have been searching this season for some fun and unique water toys for my kids.  I was excited to receive the Astronaut Space Pack from Aeromax for review!  It’s the perfect addition to our water toy collection and one my son loves!

Water Guns for Kids

I am usually not a fan of water guns for kids and don’t like to encourage my kids to play with toys like guns and swords.  But as much as I try to fight it, kids just seem to be drawn to water guns!  I like the idea of water play and try to incorporate it into our play as much as possible, especially in the summers.  The Astronaut Space Pack by Aeromax is a unique and fun way to encourage water play.  The Astronaut Space Pack fits on your back like a backpack and holds a liter of water in it!  There is a tube attaching to a water gun.  But this isn’t just a normal water gun.  It shoots up to 30 feet and in multiple directions.  My son Tate thought it was hysterical that he could shoot both his dad and I with water at the same time!  He loved pretending to be an astronaut while running around the backyard with his new Astronaut Space Pack.  I love finding a toy that he loves that also encourages him to use his imagination and be active!  This is also a great toy to play with without water inside!  The Astronaut Space Pack is for ages 5+ and retails for $15.95.

Love the space theme?  Aeromax also sells the matching Jr Astronaut Space Boots, Gloves, Backpack and Jr Explorer inflatable space shuttle.  Looking for a unique gift for that next summer birthday party.  Aeromax also sells costumes for babies, children and adults!  The next time you are looking for that unique, fun summer gift, visit Aeromax for the Astronaut Space Pack!

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