bean bag boss

Oversized Bean Bag Chairs

If you are going to buy a bean bag chair, you need to consider  oversized bean bag chairs from BeanBag Boss. They are hugely comfortable in any position at a 4.5’ x 5’ size which is 11 cubic feet! They are big enough for my kids to lounge around on and watch TV or talk on the phone to Daddy.  When laid flat out, our BeanBag Boss chair made a great staging area for their wrestling games. I love the fact that they have an easy to clean and stain resistant fabric choice like the one I received. Of course, my kids have already spilled 15 flavors of fun all over the bag, and it was easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

One of the great things about BeanBag Boss is the vast array of positions you can lay or sit in while using it. My two sons and I can all fit in the chair and watch TV together, or I can sit on it like a horse quite comfortably.  I love how the beans in the bag just form around your back and neck muscles supporting you in comfort. This chair would make a great gift for a college kid for their dorm or room. It would also make a great gift for the man with the man cave! I think a black leather on would look great, and it would resist all the stains you know it was going to get!

If you prefer a posh look, BeanBag Boss has several stylish leather choices and even a sherpa! You can also get snazzy prints, denim or solids in a variety of fabric choices. They have 117 colors in all! The shipping is free so you can get a BeanBag Boss chair delivered to your door from $169.99 – $199.99 anywhere in North America.

Use code: MakobiScribe–999 for 10$ off – 1 use per purchase – unlimited usage – expiration DEC.31.2011