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How To Pack A Suitcase Like A Pro

One of the aspects of my job I love the most is when I get to travel. I have not traveled much in my life, so this opportunity has afforded me the ability to see new places and meet lots of great people. Before I worked for the blog, I had only been on an airplane twice in my life and now I have flown 6-7 times in the last year! I have learned a lot about how to pack a suitcase like a pro! There is definitely an art to getting your bags packed just right. Here are some great tips to make traveling easier by packing your bags well!

5 Tricks For Packing Your Suitcase

  1. Make A List: Depending on the trip, what you pack will vary. If you are going to the beach, you will need different items than if you are going to a business meeting! Making a list helps you get organized and keeps you from forgetting anything or packing things you do not need.
  2. Check The Weather: Before you travel, it is always best to see what the weather is. You do not want to pack a jacket if you do not need one, but you do not want to be without one if you do!
  3. Distribute The Weight: It is best to pack the heavier items on the bottom of your suitcase and the lighter ones on top. Also remember it is better to pack less than too much. If you are checking your bags, you can pay additional charges if you pack too heavy. I would rather pick up a $5 pair of shorts or tee shirt I forgot than to pay $25 for too many items I may not wear.
  4. Use Space Wisely: Remember to store items in other items when possible to save on space. You can place your socks or hose in your shoes to save space. If you have breakable items, store them in the center of the case. I always wrap my fragile items, like my camera,  in another piece of clothing.
  5. Use Packing Bags: I love to be as organized as possible when I travel. By using products to help me stay that way, I am more efficient with my packaging, unpacking and storage. I use the Go Clean bags from Flight 001 to make my suitcase look like it was packed by an expert!

I am a big fan of the products from Flight 001 because I know they are well made, will stand up to the rigors of travel and are priced competitively. Flight 001 has been making jet setters and vacationing folks of leisure travel smarter and better since 1999. Their products are made with the traveler in mind so they are traveling in comfort as well as in style. They offer a wide range of products from suitcases, carry-on bags, tote bags, luggage tags, passport wallets and their innovative Spacepak system and much more.

The Go Clean bags from Flight 001 come in a variety of colors like blue, turquoise, pink, orange and purple and can be purchased as single items or in sets. I chose the F1 Go Clean Set which sells for $52 and comes with one laundry bag, one bag for stuff and 2 bags for my shoes. I love these extremely well made bags which have made traveling so much easier for me. They are made with a heavyweight and washable nylon material which cover up orders and keeps your messes contained. I especially appreciate the shoe bags so I am not worried about my shoes getting my clothes dirty. I love using the laundry bag to keep my dirty clothes separate from my clean clothes when I am packing to come back home. Be sure to follow Flight 001 on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. One USA reader will win a set of Go Clean bags from Flight 001 ARV $52.

What are your tricks for packing a suitcase like a pro?

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