Every summer we are always looking for the best ways to spend our free time. Whether it’s hanging out at the pool going to the beach or just chilling on the porch during a good summer storm. Summer is for making memories of all kinds. One of my favorite ways to make summer memories is to have a picnic in the park with my closest friends and family. It’s easy to pack up some good snacks and beverages that will please everyone. Throw in a few extra items, and you’ve got a day of making memories.


 Make The Most Of Your Picnic In the Park

  • Group Activities: Planning games or activities that involve everyone is a sure way to make great memories that everyone will be sure talk about for years to come.
  • Record The Memories: Speaking of those memories, be sure to pack a camera so you can enjoy the fun of that day over and over again. You might even discover some things that you missed that day.
  • Refreshing Foods And Beverages: All that fun and making of memories is sure to leave everyone hungry and thirsty. Packing the right kind of snacks and beverages for the day will keep everyone fueled up and lubricated. Make sure your food is light finger food, and of course some adult beverages. I’m a wine person myself, so my go to is Friends Fun Wine In A Can. A fine wine packaged for days when you don’t want to pack a bottle around.

Packing smart for these days of fun is crucial. Packing around bottles of wine is never really a smart idea in my mind. There are too many thing that could go wrong in my mind. When I want to enjoy one my favorite beverages at the park I pack Friends Fun Wine In A Can, you get a wide variety of flavors that come in a planet friendly container. These cans  can be recycled into a new can within 60 days of being recycled. I really love that when I toss my can in the recycle bin, it is getting used again, making me feel like I have done my part!  You can choose from the first coffee infused wines, Cabernet Coffee Espresso  and Chardonnay Coffee Cappuccino or go with some the more traditional flavors. The  Sangria comes in Original Red and White and the Moscatos come in White, Rosé, Peach and Strawberry. They contain 6 percent alcohol, and each can sells for an average of $1.99 per can found in many stores where wine is sold.

What’s your favorite way to make summer memories?