Pajamas You Can Live In

Pajamas You Can Live In

Have you ever owned a pair of pajamas you can live in?  I had a pair of the softest cotton pajamas and I wore those suckers OUT!  I wore them to bed almost every night and if it was a weekend, it was my uniform for those two lovely days of freedom before heading back to “dress casual” Monday at work.  It has been nearly impossible to find pj’s that were that soft.  I have looked in local stores, boutiques and online to no avail.  I finally resigned myself that I would never find what I wanted so I decided to make my own.  I did find some fabric that seemed like it would be as comfortable as my old pajamas, so I gave it a whirl.  Well, I washed the fabric and made a pair of pajamas for myself and put them on.  Nope.  Not even close.  I was so disappointed.  Then Munki Munki came into my life.

Munki Munki is a wonder unto itself.  They have made it their mission to bring sad little girls like me the comfy pajamas of my youth.  And this time, the pajamas are exactly like the pair I have been trying to replace for so long. With their amazingly soft fabrics, fun prints and comfortable waistband, you will be in heaven when you put them on.  In order to give you the best fit possible, the waistband has elastic as well as a drawstring.  The legs are roomier than most and the small slit at the ankle is just perfect.  The powers that be at Munki Munki tried to recreate the feel of the soft cotton sheets of their youth in Vermont.  The sheets were washed and hung out in the sunshine to dry at least a hundred times.  You know that feel.  The sheets that were so soft you would think one more wash and they were toast, but then those resilient buggers were ready for your bed one more time.

Soft And Cute Pajamas

Since I have had my back injury and am on bed rest a good bit, I wanted to find soft and cute pajamas.  I guess if I have to be a prisoner in my bedroom, I mine as well look cute doing it!  I could not believe my luck when I was offered to review a set of Munki Munki pajamas.  I could have taken one of each stinking pair, but I had to settle on one set!  I chose the comfy cami top and poplin Garden Gnome bottoms ($60.00).  Ok, let me tell you how amAzInG these pajamas are.  They are the one!  These are the comfy, I-could-wear-you-all –day pajamas I have been looking for.  Besides how delicious these pajamas feel, you get so many fabric choices it is unbelievable!  If you can’t find a combination you like, then you must be coo-coo!!  I know I can’t live in these pajamas, but I am going to try!

One lucky winner will receive a set of pajamas from the new 2012 Mix and Match line (retailed at $60.00)

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