Through Baby's First Moments

There is no doubt that you remember your first positive pregnancy test. The joy, the happiness, the tears and of course, the fear. Then you hear that heartbeat for the first time and it all begins to set in. I am going to be a mom. This is really happening! Your world suddenly becomes all about this tiny little person growing inside of you. You try to imagine what they might look like and who they might grow up to become. You can picture those first steps and you can already hear that little voice saying “ma-ma” for the first time. The reality of it, though, is that you can never truly know how it feels to experience your baby’s first moments until they actually happen. Once that baby is born, everything changes.

The day that you get home from the hospital you look at your significant other and say “what now?” You have this tiny little baby and you have absolutely no idea what to do next. Day after day goes by and you seem to figure it out. You’ve learned to understand this little person and know just what she needs and when she needs it. There is no more accomplished feeling than knowing that you are her person. You are the person that she relies on the most for comfort, food, safety and most importantly, love. Soon, she begins changing into a little lady right before your eyes. She smiles her first smile and rolls over for the first time. She’s growing up way too fast. Soon she’ll say her first words and take her first steps. She is constantly changing, and fast at that! While she may be changing, I know that there is one thing that I can control.

Pampers for baby's first moments

Any seasoned mother can tell you just how important having the right diaper can be for your growing baby. Between horror stories of leaking diapers, blow-outs and diaper rashes, it is crucial that your baby only has the best diaper possible touching her sensitive skin. Pampers Swaddlers have been my constant. I used them when Aidan was a baby and, naturally, now use them for Avery. Using Pampers Swaddlers for both of my children began while we were still in the hospital with them. They are the #1 diaper choice of hospitals in North American, and my hospital was no exception. I love that I can check for that little blue line to know if baby is wet or not. I don’t want to brag, but both of my little ones began sleeping through the night at 3 months old. Knowing how sensitive a 3 month old baby’s skin is, it worried me to leave them in a diaper overnight…but we all know what it can be like to wake a sleeping baby! Pampers Swaddlers Absorb Away Liner® pulls wetness and mess away from babies’ skin, offering up to 12 hours of wetness protection. This is honestly a life saver! Additionally, now that Pampers Swaddlers are available up to size 6, I can rest assured knowing that my little one will have the wetness protection that she needs the most through all of my baby’s first moments.

Pampers understands there is nothing more joyful or rewarding than the precious first-time moments shared by little ones and their families. In honor of this special journey, Pampers has released a compilation video entitled “Firsts” that highlights those wondrous “first” experiences together. You can watch it above!

baby's first moments party prep

To celebrate firsts, Pampers sent me all of the supplies required to throw my own #PampersFirsts party. Little Avery was the guest of honor, of course! Aidan and my husband, Chris, helped me get the party set up. Chris helped me put together attendee gifts and food while Aidan worked hard at blowing up balloons with mommy. Once my guests arrived it was time to party! The boys really enjoyed watching the #PampersFirsts video. It reminded Aidan of when his baby sister was born, just 3 months ago!

Celebrating Baby's First Moments

The boys loved taking advantage of the photo booth and, of course, having a balloon war. Keli had no idea that Pampers Swaddlers are now available in size 6 and was pleasantly surprised to receive them in her gift bag!

keli leaving baby's first moments party

In the end, the party was a success! Be sure that you are following Pampers on Twitter and Facebook and head over to their micro-site to learn how you can upload pictures to create a 15 second video of all of your baby’s first moments with your Twitter and Facebook friends! If you’re a Pampers Rewards member, you can earn points for rating the products you use. You’ll earn 10 points for submitting written reviews and 20 points for video + written reviews. Or, you can submit one of each and earn 30 points for each product you use. Head over to Pampers Firsts to see what others are saying about Pampers Swaddlers and submit your own review today!

What was your favorite first moment?