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Paper Tableware For Parties From di Potter Sweepstakes

Paper Tableware For Parties

There is a new and clever trend in paper tableware for parties.  If you throw parties on a regular basis, you know choosing the right tableware is an important part of the planning.  If you have a ton of beautiful food to offer, you need to highlight it properly.  First impressions are just as important at a party or event as it is when meeting someone for the first time.  An easy yet elegant option for your table may be paper tableware.  You can find tablecloths, napkins, centerpieces, place cards and place mats in paper versions of linen that do not look like paper at all.  This makes cleanup a snap and you don’t have a mound of laundry staring at you the day after your successful party.

With a background in banking and information technology, Diahann Potter decided to pursue her love for design and opened di Potter in 2009.  Diahann is a woman who knows how to decorate a table that sets an elegant mood for your party.  The Paper Table Collection was launched in 2011 and is filled with an assortment of fine paper products for your table.  When throwing a party, Diahann wanted to offer a paper alternative to traditional materials used in decorating.  Diahann attributes her design aesthetic to studying design in Switzerland for 5 years and traveling all over the world.  Diahann also has a diploma in Interior Design from Rhodec International in London.  Diahann’s collections reflect her love for modern, sleek and timeless design.  Diahann has designed the perfect item to light up your table without going overboard with her paper wine and champagne shades.

Unique Table Decorations

I love to throw a party and when it comes to decorating, I am not exactly Martha Stewart!  I am one of those people that are a bit intimidated when it comes to setting an inviting table.  When I saw the products from di Potter, I fell in love with not only her products but with her clever and unique design.  Nothing sets a mood like soft lighting.  Di Potter has a line of elegant paper table decorations that make even a novice like me look like I know what I am doing!!  Diahann sent me the 3 pack of the Manhattan wine shades ($11.00).  These chic shades are a snap to set up.  You just slip the tabs into the matching slots, put your flameless tea light (very important it is flameless) in the wine glass and slip the shade on the glass.  The result is an impeccably well-dressed table that will have all of your guests asking where you got your diminutive lamps!  If you are hosting a special event like a shower or even a wedding, di Potter can customize your wine or champagne shades with your text in a number of fonts and text colors.  What a chic and uber personal touch to make that occasion even more special.  With the Menu wine shades, you can use them as place cards or you can write that evenings meal on the shade.  Any way you do it; these are the perfect item to add just the perfect touch to make this a memorable event!

One reader will receive one 6 pack of the Manhattan wine shades ($22.00) and one 6 pack of the Menu wine shades ($22.00)

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