Keepsake Memory Boxes

The birth of my two children were the two most important days of my life.  I saved every little thing from their births, including their baby bracelets, crib cards and footprints.  Up until this point, I have stored them in a box at the bottom of their closets.  Occasionally, I’d pull out the box, dust it off and reminisce about the amazing experience I had giving birth to them.  And everytime I stuck that box back in the closet I wished that I had a proper memory box to store these amazing little tokens of their life and keep out on display.

Personalized Memory Boxes

Memory Keepers by Papercoterie was just the memory boxes for babies I had been looking for!   Memory Keepers are personalized memory boxes for different events in your life.  The Memory Keepers that I received are the Dream a Little Dream collection, perfect for newborn or baby items.  The boxes measure 9.75 in x 13 in and are 2 in thick.  They were big enough to hold my son’s baby book as well as all the cards I received when he was born.  The Memory Keepers are made out of recycled fiber board and are extremely durable.  But not only are they a practical way to store your important memories, they are beautiful!  The Dream a Little Dream collection has a colorful whimsical design of patterned pendants, fluffy blue clouds and soft blue stripes.  The memory box I made for my daughter has soft pinks, oranges, greens and yellows on it, while the memory box for my son has lots of blues, greens and reds.  I was able to customize each box with their birth picture on it and their name.  The spine of the memory box is also personalized with their name and year of their birth.  These Memory Keepers are beautiful enough to leave out for display year round.  I keep them proudly displayed on each of their dressers so I can easily take them down and enjoy them.  The Memory Keepers would make an amazing gift for a new parent or grandparent!   The Memory Keepers retail for $38.

Personalized Paper Products

Papercoterie also offers personalized photo books, guest books, journals, calendars, growth charts, posters and recipe books and cards!  Follow them on Facebook to keep current on the latest product information.

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