Peaceable Kingdom

Peaceable Kingdom Valentine Airplanes

My son absolutely loves his Peaceable Kingdom Valentine Airplanes and can’t wait to hand them out to his friends on Valentine’s Day.  My son Tate is four years old and loves anything that involves planes, trains or cars!  My husband makes at least 10 paper airplanes every week and its not unusual for Tate to come home with at least 10 more from school! We love Valentine’s Day in our house, from the sweet treats to the piles of Valentine’s Day cards.  The Valentine’s Day Airplanes are sure to be a hit this year!

Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids

There are so many different Valentine’s Day cards for the kids on the market, but none as unique and fun as the Valentine’s Day Airplanes from Peaceable Kingdom.  The kit comes with 28 paper airplanes, 28 envelopes and 28 stickers.  There are four varieties of airplane valentine’s, all with different airplanes on them.  The cards are 8 1/2″ x 9 1/2″ and fit easily into the envelopes provided.  The airplanes punch out easily from the card.  My four year old son was able to do it by himself.  There are clear directions on the card on how to fold the airplane together.  There are stickers included with the card to secure the airplane together.  I needed to help my son with this step but I was able to do it with little effort!  He ran around playing with this plane for at least 20 minutes, which was just enough time to get dinner made.  I think parents will appreciate this cool card just as much as the kids!  The Valentine’s airplanes sell for $13.00 through Peaceable Kingdom.

Unique Valentine’s Day Cards

Not only does Peaceable Kingdom sell fun and unique Valentine’s Day cards, they also birthday cards, games, books and stickers too!  The selection of Valentine’s Day cards is great and every kid and parent are sure to find something they love.  I also love the Race Cars Super Valentine’s Day Fun Pack and the Unicorn Super Valentine Fun Pack!  You can also follow Peaceable Kingdom on Facebook for the latest product information.