I am always looking for new and engaging activites for my 3.5 year old little girl.  I was offered an opportunity to review a couple of sticker sets from Peaceable Kingdom.  I was just expecting a couple of sheets of stickers but I was blown away by what I received.  The first item was the Sparkly Critter Purses Kit it is so adorable.  It has a puppy, kitten and bear little paper purse with 2 sheets of stickers to decorate the purse with.  It includes 88 glittery stickers for the facial expressions and accessories (so both sides of the purse are fully decorated).  My daughter was in seventh heaven with this set, she took her time carefully decorating them just so and then she filled the little purses with her treasures in her playroom.  Then shared her purses with her dolls.  The purses are very sturdy and well made and the stickers are awesome…the best feature is that the glitter doesn’t come off and get all over everything!  The second item was a Flower Quick Sticker Kit which was also a hit!  The set includes all the items you need to create a beautiful paper flower with glittery stickers…what a great craft on a rainy day or even as an activity for a play date or birthday party!  The third item was the Color Me Stickers which are stickers that can be colored with pencils or crayons.  What a cool idea, my daughter loves stickers so to be able to color and design her own stickers was like beyond exciting for her.  She was so proud of her Unicorn creations she actually is now saving them for a special card she wants to make for her Auntie!  The fourth and final item was the scratch and sniff stickers, these brought me back in time.  I remember when I was little and had my own little sticker collection, the scratch and sniff were my most coveted stickers.  My daughter had never seen such a thing or smelled for that matter…she thought those were so cool.  As she was scratching and sniffing she would say “Mommy smell this it smells like grape, how they do that?”  So funny to watch her explore these new sticker treasures!

Peaceable Kingdom has a wide variety of sticker items for girls and boys.  The stickers and sticker sets are very reasonable priced and the quality is awesome (ranging from $5 – $10 per set).  They also carry games, cards and gifts.  What great gifts for the little ones in your life whether its for birthdays, holidays, incentives or just because you won’t be dissappointed in these products.  Check them out on Facebook as well!

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