Diaper Cake Walk Review

I’ve been to many baby showers in my life, and they’re always fun.  It’s an exciting time for the family when preparing for the new little once, and a baby shower is the perfect time for the mom-to-be to not think so much about how uncomfortable she is or how much she has to get done before the baby comes, and just sit back and enjoy time with family and friends.

Diaper cakes

Now, the last baby shower I was at was for a woman I worked with.  I was helping plan a small shower that the office had for her during lunch hour, and someone mentioned bringing a diaper cake.  I had never heard of one, and while the others tried to explain it to me, it was making no sense, so I had to look it up online.  A diaper cake is a “cake” (shaped like a tier cake) made completely out of rolled or folder diapers.  For decorations, baby toys or other useful baby items can be attached, as well as decorative ribbon.  Often, different brand diapers are used, so the end result is an adorable party decoration, but also a very useful variety of diapers and other baby supplies that the parents can actually use once the baby’s born!  It’s genius, and about one of the cutest things you’ll even see.  Here’s the thing, though.  These can be made yourself at home, but they can be very difficult to make, and unless you have a bunch of diapers lying around, it can get expensive as well.  Diaper Cakewalk is taking the headache out of the diaper cake for you.  The way they actually get all the diapers to stay in place with all the nifty items hooked on is amazing. They offer a wide variety of diaper cakes in almost any theme you could want, as well as different sizes.  They also offer a Sampler Diaper Cake, which includes three different brands of diapers so that the new parents can try them all and decide which brand they prefer! What a great idea!


Perfect Baby Shower Gift

These diaper cakes cost about the same as a nice bouquet of flowers, so it not only makes the perfect baby shower centerpiece, but makes a wonderful gift for the new parents either while still in the hospital or once they arrive home.  Plus, Diaper Cakewalk also has a list of ideas on their website of how their diaper cakes can be used as party games at baby showers, so the entertainment is already included!  Don’t like the cake idea?  Diaper Cakewalk also makes Diaper Castles as well, for a unique twist! Next time you need a gift for the expecting parents, head over to Diaper Cakewalk and choose the diaper cake or castle that’s perfect for the family.  You’ll be the talk of the party, and everyone will want to know where you came up with the creative idea!