What Accessories Do Girls Want
With two teen girls to buy for, I thought I should find out what accessories do girls want this year.  Caitlin has just begun to get interested in make-up, carrying a purse and copying what the “cool” girls are wearing.  My “adopted” daughter Anna has special needs, so she is especially conscious of the importance of fitting in.  I wanted to find a few things that both of the girls would enjoy and could use and would be considered acceptable by the “in” crowd.  I went for a look-see with my old friend Google and this is what I found:

Perfect Christmas Gifts For Tween Girls

  • Funky: Girls are into cool accessories for their hair this year.  One popular item is hair glitter, colored and/or feather hair extensions and funky head bands.  The idea of the colored extensions is perfect for this age group because they can fit in without making a permanent change to their hair.
  • Monograms: Personalized accessories are very popular with teen girls. A great gift would be a monogrammed lunch box, clip board, pencil case or notebook.  Pretty much anything your girls could put her name on will be a great choice.
  • Hello Kitty: This line from the Sanrio Company has been popular since I was in high school, and let me tell you, that was a long time ago!  My Chelsea, who is 25, loved Hello Kitty when she was a teen and she still carries a Hello Kitty make-up case.  A great choice for your girl would be something they can carry to school or to a sleepover.  No matter what you choose, anything from the Hello Kitty line would be the perfect gift.

Hello Kitty Accessories For Girls

Hello Kitty Accessories For Girls

When I was looking at the huge number of Hello Kitty accessories for girls, I was a bit overwhelmed.  If you have not checked out the Hello Kitty line in a while, you will be completely floored by the sheer volume of cool stuff.  You can find Hello Kitty at Target, Sears, Amazon, Kohl’s and Claire’s.  I was so thankful when Anna, my awesome rep for Hello Kitty offered a few items that would be perfect for the girl’s Christmas gifts.  Anna sent me the Glitter Under-Glass Lunch Kit ($12.99), the Sanrio Hello Kitty School Messenger Bag with Glitter Bow ($25.00) and the Hello Kitty Black Neck Rest Pillow Travel Cushion ($19.99). One of the things I love about the products from Hello Kitty is so well made.  The messenger back is large enough for the girls to carry all their school books or laptop.  I used it recently when the kids were going to the playground.  I threw my laptop in the messenger bag and it fit great.  The huge thing is that the strap is nice and sturdy and I had no fear of it coming loose while I had my computer in it.  The neck pillow is an awesome idea for those long car rides.  I always get a stiff neck when I am in the car for too long and this pillow is perfect for traveling with.  Caitlin cannot wait to see Anna’s face when she opens her box with the lunch kit inside!

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