If you live in Florida, the weather’s warming up.  What better way to celebrate than dusting off the patio chairs and kicking back with friends?  To beat the wintertime blues and welcome the spring nothing beats the open air.  Moving your get togethers outside is an easy way to entertain.

Make it Memorable

Do you find most your guests hanging out by the bar or hovering around the food?  How about investing in one of these proper containers to make a fun beer tower and move the party out of the kitchen.  These will make a statement and showcase whatever fine microbrew you have selected to show off your discerning taste.  Adding in an epic element like a tower of alcohol will make your patio party stand out.  Fun new party games like Codenames will challenge your friends and add excitement to the evening.  Even old favorites like charades or telephone can be taken outside easily and doing it under the stars will add a new twist.

Invite the Right People

Making a guest list is one of those balancing acts that may seem daunting at first, but gets much easier after practice.  Ensuring the right mix of male to female is more of an issue if your attendees are mainly single people.  However, if your set is mainly couples, kids versus child free is more of a factor.  Too many people can also crowd an otherwise comfortable atmosphere.  The limited space of a patio makes an ideal gathering smaller — approximately five to a dozen preferably depending on the size of your entertaining space.  With limited spots, no shows make more of an impact.  Sending invitations in waves, one set two weeks out and filling in gaps with a second set of invitations one week out can help lock down flakes and make sure you have a full patio.  Use an electronic service while sending out RSVPs and you will be able to keep an organized list of names for your next event in addition to going paper free and saving a tree.

Avoid Outdoor Nuisances

We don’t want your party to be remembered for the wrong reasons.  Make sure the memories are all good ones.  Don’t let bugs get in the way by using natural repellents and burning citronella candles.  Avoiding chemicals harmful to the environment might earn you kudos but sometimes unwanted flying guests still make an appearance.  Using a whimsical tennis racket fly swatter can turn a grim task into a fun sport.  Just make sure you have good aim and don’t knock over any drinks!

Having the opportunity to enjoy the spring weather with friends is one of the joys of having a patio.  Too often people trap themselves inside despite the fine weather calling us to go out.  Having a patio and not using it is the sort of a waste you can avoid to the delight of your friends. You’ll be sure to be a hit as a host if you provide the right entertainment, for the right people and avoid those outdoor pests.