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Perfect Wine Pairings For Meat From HandCraft Wines

When you are planning a get together, a lot goes into the details. The easy part is setting the date and making up the guest list. Once those are set, you then need to decide on the theme for your party so you can get decorating. Are you planning an indoor or an outdoor function? Choosing your decorations will be greatly determined by where the festivities will be held. Next you need to decide if your guests going to be eating finger foods and appetizers or a sit down meal. Once the menu is set, the last detail you need to decide upon is the beverages you will be serving. Often times when people plan a party, they serve beverages which will compliment the protein they will be serving. For an upcoming outdoor dinner party where you are serving steaks and gourmet burgers, you would look for perfect wine pairings for meat. With the selections from HandCraft Wines, you will get exactly the right wine for your needs.

Perfect Wine Pairings For Meat

If you are not familiar with wines and which meals are best served with which wines, here is a little cheat sheet for you. This is just the basics, but it will give you a good idea of which direction to go. For white wine, you would serve seafood, white meats, cheeses, and white sauces. Perfect wine pairings for meat would be red wines like a merlot, pinot noir or the deliciously smooth Cabernet Sauvignon from HandCraft Wines. This California wine has aromas of cherry, blackberry, pepper and tobacco greet your nose. The layers of flavor that follow are nothing short of fantastic with hints of black cherry, clove, spice, currants and dark chocolate. Its rich and robust flavor brings out the hearty flavors of your grilled meat and has a memorable finish.

HandCraft Wines is the inspiration and expression of Cheryl Idelicato’s passion for wine. Because she grew up in a wine family in California, she was enveloped in the beauty of everything related to wine. Cheryl, her siblings and cousins are the 3rd generation in the family to run the business. Cheryl has her eye on the future while keeping her traditional Italian values close to the heart. The combination of these have made Cheryl a savvy businesswoman as well as someone with a huge heart for people. This compassion has led Cheryl to created the “HandCraft Cares” program, which supports causes like breast cancer research, prevention and awareness. In 2012, HandCraft raised $100,000 for the cause and Cheryl is also involved in a many initiatives in her community to increase awareness and early detection of breast cancer.  You can purchase the full line of HandCraft Wines, includes reds, whites, petite sirah, cabernet, pinot noir and chardonnay from fine stores that sell wine nationwide. To find a store that carries the HandCraft Wines near you, go to the HandCraft Wines website and use their store locator.

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