Personalized Gift Ideas

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Sometimes you want to find just the perfect gift that says, I am thinking about you and you want it to have a personal touch whether it be an important occasion like a first birthday or an Anniversary or just an I Love You gift. These personalized gift ideas are great for all occasions. A few I bought myself and a couple are reviews, but they are all the top personalized items I have seen.

Hotwheels Customized Cars Hotwheels Customized Cars – My kids love to see their names and faces on their toys. It makes them giggle, smile and feel important. Now to have your name and face on one of your favorite toys is almost to good to be true. Hotwheels Customized cars are just as fun to make as they are to give! More…

More Great Gift Ideas

Frecklebox lunchboxes – My kids love Frecklebox and all the cool stuff that they have, but their favorite product is the personalized lunchboxes. When I first got Jakobi his, Mason wanted to use it so often, I bought him his own soon after. In addition to being super cute, they match coloring books, clipboards and a variety of other fun products! More