Personalized Name Signs For Kids

I am all about personalized name signs for kids.  There is something appealing about a cute name sign on your child’s bedroom door.  I have been looking for something cute with the kid’s name on them but most I found were tacky!  You know those terrible wooden name plaques with the burnt lettering you find at the amusement park?  I have never met anyone who owns one of those but yet, although they have been selling those things for years.  I am pretty sure it is in a house where there is a velvet painting of dogs playing poker in the living room!  Now if I can just find someone who makes personalized name signs that are cute, colorful, unique and well made.  Well, how about a sweet and talented woman who lives in Australia with her cutie patootie 9 year old daughter, Ivy?

Or the past 9 years, Anne Flanagan, the artist behind Fantasy Creations, has been making custom wood creations for children.  When Anne’s daughter Ivy was born, she looked for decorative name signs for Ivy, but she couldn’t find any.  Using a jigsaw (the saw, not the puzzle), Anne began making custom decorative wood designs full-time for the past 5 years.  In my opinion, Anne’s success comes from a combination of things that when put together, they form a piece of art like no other.  Using her jigsaw, Anne cuts names and characters by hand and then primes, paints and finishes each item using only the best non-toxic paints and varnishes.  Like snowflakes, no two designs from Fantasy Creations are alike, so you know when Anne makes a Fantasy Creation for you; no one else has one quite like it!  Anne offers a huge variety of designs for you to pick from and honestly, if you tried to count the different combinations, the numbers are staggering!  Anne offers name signs, chalkboards, coat racks, clocks, growth charts, book ends, picture frames, clothes hangers, and just about anything else you can come up with!  If she hasn’t made it before, Anne will do her best to create just what you are looking for.

Wooden Coat Racks For Kids

I am a neatnik, so to help Henry keep his room straightened; I was looking for wooden coat racks for kids.  Anne offered to make a name sign for Caitlin and a coat rack for Henry.  With her meticulous attention to detail, Anne gathered information about the kids favorite colors, the color scheme for their room, characters, fonts for the letters, where the art was going to hang (so she can decide what size to make them) and the kids ages, so she could match the background designs to their age level.  I am so glad that I have pictures for you to see how amazing Anne’s creations are, because I would never be able to aptly describe how adorable they are.  Look at the name sign for Caitlin; all the butterflies, letters, and flowers are all cut and painted by hand.  Isn’t that amazing?  Anne also has a great sense of color and that shows in her work as well.  I truly do not know how she does it, but Anne captured each of the kid’s personality perfectly.  The coat rack for Henry is so well made that I was not worried about hanging anything on it and seeing it fall like I did with the store bought coat rack we bought several months ago.  When Henry opened the box and saw his coat rack, he was grinning from ear to ear.  I hate that my picture of that moment came out so poorly because I wanted you to see the happiness he was feeling.  If you are interested in getting a hand-made item for your kids, Anne makes each item to your specifics, so you are guaranteed whatever Anne makes will be perfect for your little one.

One winner will receive one name sign in winner’s choice of font, theme, and colors from Fantasy Creations.

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