Personalized Necklaces For Women

Personalized Necklaces For Women

I love me some personalized necklaces for women!  I love the fact that you can put your kids names, your pets name, you anniversary date, etc. on a piece of jewelry.  You get to tell the world “Hey!  I got married on this date” or “My kids names are Chelsea, Caitlin and Henry”.  I haven’t considered that people may not care about those little tidbits as my husband so lovingly pointed out.  I tried to explain that was not the point of it.  I told him it was more of a badge of courage for raising your children or making to 15 years with a husband that makes fun of you!  I know I am not the only one who likes this type of jewelry as there were millions of people on Google who are looking for this product!

The Vintage Pearl is a little pearl of a shop that offers gorgeous personalized items from necklaces to dog tags to key chains and a lot in between.  All of the items from The Vintage Pearl, who hails from Tulsa, OK, are hand-made.  There are no machines to be found in The Vintage Pearl.  All of the silver is raw, the pearls are fresh-water and the birthstones are crystal, which means they use high quality items.  You can choose from a huge variety of fonts and shapes and if you want, you can choose a pearl or your crystal birthstone.  The goal at The Vintage Pearl is that you get exactly what you want so it is a meaningful keepsake you will treasure for many years to come.

Hand Stamped Jewelry

I admire an artist who makes hand stamped jewelry as I can only imagine how time consuming that may be.  Don’t you feel a bit special knowing someone took the time to create something beautiful that you and you alone will have?  I think it is pretty cool beans.  When I was given the opportunity to review something from The Vintage Pearl, I decided to have a special piece made for my BFF Carol.  Carol has three extraordinary kids, one of whom has special needs and she recently became a single mom.  In 10 years I have hardly heard a cross word or complaint, even through difficult times.  I wanted to honor her with something that would lift her up and make her feel special.  I asked for the necklace to include the names of her three sweetie pies and to add a pearl as Carol LOVES her some pearls!  I caught my breath at how incredibly beautiful this necklace is!  I could not get a picture that could truly represent how amazing and lovely this is.  I wasn’t sure if Carol would appreciate the necklace, but I think from the tears welling up in her eyes meant yes!  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you The Vintage Pearl for making someone special to me feel special because of you!

One reader will win a $25.00 gift certificate to be used at The Vintage Pearl’s online store.

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  1. I would love to win these pearls. I recently lost a set of antique pearls with a stunning amethyst clasp. I am so heartbroken but this would be so wonderful to start over. Thank you for the opportunity

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