It might be time for you to replace your old and uncomfortable mattress. But, where in the world do you begin picking the perfect mattress that fits your needs? It’s definitely a decision you don’t want to make in a hurry.

You’re much better off considering various factors that play into buying the perfect mattress than merely one, like price for example. To ensure you’re buying the best mattress for a restful night’s sleep, here are four different things to take into account.

  1. Room Dimensions: The size of your room is a big part of picking an adequate mattress. Make sure the new mattress isn’t too small that you can’t sleep on it, or too big that it takes up your whole room and there’s no space left for anything else. Room size is especially important if you are converting an attic, are furnishing a mobile home or a small kid’s room – chances are you will have to be precise and creative. When you’re measuring your room, you also want to make sure you leave enough space for the type of bed frame you’ll choose. This is especially true if it will include a headboard, which takes up additional space.
  2. Size: The second question to ask yourself is closely related to the first: how many people will be sleeping on your mattress? Will it be mostly two? Or maybe just yourself? There are plenty of sizes to choose from and ideally, the size of mattress will accommodate the number of people sleeping on it comfortably. There are six mattress sizes to choose from. These include:
  • Twin
  • Twin XL
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King
  • California King

The twin mattress is usually best for little children, while the Twin XL is more preferable for a college student setting.

Moreover, you can choose to go with a full mattress if you’re investing long-term and want the bed to be suitable for growing children. The queen is a more popular mattress that, while it can accommodate a couple, is most popular with full grown single sleepers.

When thinking about couples, you then get into the King or California King sizes, both of which accommodate two people or the occasional family sleepover.

  1. Longevity: The next question in your mattress picking quest is longevity. Preferably, you don’t want to purchase an expensive mattress that’s going to end up in a landfill before long due to wear and tear, or sinking springs. If we want our mattress to last a long time, then you have to think about which brand can give you ‘the best bang for your buck.’
  2. Support: Lastly, we come to what is perhaps the crucial issue: how do you prefer your mattress to feel? Different mattresses offer different support styles depending on what you’re looking for. The most common ones are a spring mattress, if you like a bit more bounce; a memory foam mattress, if you like more firmness and less bounce, and there is the latex mattress, which is a combination of both.

Finally, if you like your mattress to be a bit more customizable, you can choose an air mattress with a remote control to change the firmness to your liking. Of course, the more features a mattress brings, the pricier it will probably be.

If your mattress fits these four criteria along with your personal preferences, you’ll be well on your way to a restful sleep and peace of mind. Making the right mattress purchase can mark the difference in whether everything else during the day goes smoothly, as sleep is the foundation for being able to manage your activities successfully.