How To Pick The Right Gift Just Got Easier
This post is part of a sponsored campaign with Those Media Girls and Pick UR Gift. All thoughts and opinions are my own. So here is a poll for you. Are you one who loves to shop or one who does not? I am one who enjoys shopping while my sister does not enjoy it as much. She is one of those people who likes to get in and get it done and get out kind of gals. I on the other hand, enjoy browsing and thinking through who I am buying for, what they enjoy doing and finding the perfect gift.

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The only issue with that is as much as I like to think I know the person I am buying for and what they would love, I am not always right. I know how disappointing it can be to receive a gift and it not be exactly what you wanted. Now you either decide to put it in the re-gift pile or you schlep to the mall to return it and find something you do like. How lovely would it be to have a way to let your recipient choose the perfect gift themselves without knowing what they are getting? Sounds down right mysterious, right? With pick UR gift, how to pick the right gift just got easier.

How To Pick The Right Gift

How To Pick The Right Gift

With pick UR gift, you take all the guesswork out of choosing the perfect gift. This recently launched site allows you to make a gift list for anyone you like, choose the gifts, make a list and let the recipient make their choice. If you want to know how to pick the right gift, this is the place to do it! The concept is similar to the idea of a wish list, except you are creating it, so this is a Reverse Wish List! So for instance, you are shopping for your sister’s birthday and you have an idea of what she wants but are not 100% sure. You would choose several items you think she would like, add them to her Gift Page and send her the list. In turn, she will look over the list and she can choose any number of items she wants or make notes on items she did not want but were close. She can make comments for you, so in the event you blew it, you can start over, but with more directions. Trust me, with my sister, this would go back and forth a few times before she let me get it right!

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The website and the program is a complete breeze to navigate, set up and use. You first create a free account and sign in to get started. I suggest viewing the short but informative video to guide you through the process. You then download the gift Bookmarklet UR Button add on to your browser which makes adding items to your Gift Pages a no brainer. You can use pick UR gift on websites like Amazon, Walmart and Target, just to name a very few. Because there is no expiration date on your Gift Page, you can add to it all year round. This is sincerely one of the most clever and time saving concepts I have ever used.

Because the button its right there on my toolbar, I can just click it anytime I want. If I am surfing the web and I happen to see something I think my daughter, husband or sister would like, I just click the button and add it to their gift page. When I have the number of gifts on the Gift Page I want, I just email the page to the giftee and let them make their choices. Unlike gift registries that may expire after a wedding, birth or other special event, the Gift Pages on pick UR gift are there whenever you need them, for as long as you want them. If you want to save yourself a lot of time, headache and hassle this holiday season, this is a must have!

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