I am always looking for creative ways to use my photos to make unique photo gifts.   I had the opportunity to create a Piczzle Picture Puzzle for this review.  Piczzle is an online ordering system that offers  a variety of customizable jigsaw puzzle designs to create personalized picture puzzles.  I’ve always wanted to make a custom photo puzzle, but until finding Piczzle, the opportunities were limited. I am impressed with the numerous amount of ways to customize a piczzle puzzle.  Piczzle offers customers a variety of puzzle material (wooden or cardboard), puzzle shapes (rectangular, round and heart-shaped puzzles), a range of sizes (small puzzles to XX-Giant), the number of jigsaw puzzle pieces (12-2,000) and graphic designs and caption options.  The ordering process was easy and quick: choose the puzzle style,  upload a photo, and add a caption (optional).  For more information on how to make a Piczzle Picture Puzzle, check out the Piczzle picture puzzle catalog.

I decided to make a puzzle for my kids. I used a photo of my kids from our summer vacation trip to Disney. They both love playing with puzzles and I knew they would be excited to see a photo puzzle with them on it.  Plus, this puzzle makes a great educational toy that we can use to recall all the fun we had this summer while playing with the puzzle. The minute the puzzle arrived, my kids begged me to open it and put it together. It was fun to sit down together, have the kids sort through each piece to find the ones that had parts of their bodies on them, find the corners and edges, and then find the pieces of Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head. It was a great sorting activity for the kids and good practice on how to work together to complete a puzzle.  They liked the finished puzzle so much they didn’t want to take it apart until I reminded them they could put it back together again. The second time, they were able to put it together without my help using the box photo as a guide. The photo images on the box and puzzle are printed on high quality paper and the colors are true to the original image. The puzzle looks very professional; even better than many puzzles we’ve bought at toy stores. The box and the puzzle pieces are very sturdy making this a kid-friendly gift idea. Prices for Piczzle Picture Puzzles vary based on the options selected and range from $19.99 to $399.99. I created a 24 piece puzzle, a puzzle piece count that is suitable for most young children ages 3-5. The puzzle pieces I selected are the usual shapes, but if you are interested in a more challenging and unique puzzle, piczzle offers “surprise puzzles.” These puzzles have uniquely shaped puzzle pieces. The pieces can match the theme of the picture on the puzzle. For example, a puzzle that has a picture of a family trip to the zoo on it could have pieces shaped like animals. How cute is that!?! There are so many different ways to create custom Piczzle Picture Puzzles. For creative ideas on how to make a custom Piczzle Picture Puzzle, browse  the Piczzle Puzzle Gallery available on their Facebook page.

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