piggy paintHave you ever heard of a non-toxic and safe nail polish ? Well I have a great review for you! There is such a thing!! Piggy Paint has created a non-toxic, low odor, and hypoallergenic nail polish. I was so excited when I opened my package from piggy paint! They sent me three bottles of nail polish to review; red, white, and blue, just in time for the 4th of July!

We are a house of girly-girl’s! Even my 12 month old loves to have her toes painted. When I paint her toes, she looks up at me and say’s pretty. It melts my heart. I love making my girls happy by putting adorable colors on their little fingers and toes but most importantly I love knowing that I’m putting a product on her body that is safe.

The first night I received Piggy Paint, we had to have “manicure night” at our house. The girls lined up as I painted their toes. Piggy Paint claims that their product will coat in 2-3 coats and it did just that. I loved the finish product!! I’m very pleased with this product!

Piggy Paint has a wide variety of colors, as well as top coat paint, and nail polish remover, all which are safe, even during pregnancy. You think that is exciting, try adding on some of their 3-D Nail art. Exclusively for Makobi Scribe readers, Piggy Paint is offering a 10% discount with the code “makobiscribe10”


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