Paige Diaper CoverPink Poodle Bows sells the pattern for diaper covers but adorable dress patterns, skirts, and pants for girls. Are you crafty or a do it yourself kind of gal? Well, I try to be crafty and I do enjoy doing certain things myself. Pink Poodle Bows is an adorable shop on Etsy. They sent me a Diaper Cover pattern as well as instructions. The diaper cover turned out really great! It was my first “patterned” sewing project I’ve ever done. As I finished the last stitch, I could hear the words of Dora saying “You Did It, You Did It, Hurray”. I was quite pleased with myself! I enjoyed doing this craft because it was personal; I was able to pick the exact material I wanted, making it to fit the personality of my sweet 12 months old daughter, Paige, plus it was a “feel good” project for me.

How it worked: I downloaded the PDF onto my computer then printed it off. The pattern gave step by step instructions as well as pictures. I’m not a very experienced sewer so this was perfect for me! I also enjoyed looking at the pictures. They really helped me stay on the right task.



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