The city where dreams meet reality, art meets architecture, and music meets life, this is our New York City. It is a well-known fact that New York is one of the rarest places on world that not only has phenomenal cultural diversity, but also has a rich musical history. With an audience that accepts and listens to all kinds of music, this city celebrates individuality like no one else does. Whether you are a traveler or not, consider visiting this city at least once in your lifetime. And what better way to discover and groove to the beats of this wondrous city than with a group of your equally excited friends or teammates. Just go for nyc charter tour bus rentals and discover the rhythm of the city during a road trip of a lifetime.

It is no secret that planning a group tour can be quite exhausting; hence this article will provide you all the information you need to know before hitting the NYC roads.

Choose your transportation

The first thing to do is to choose your transportation. Depending on the headcount, you will have to decide the type of transportation that best fits your needs. One good way of making sure everyone’s comfortable while avoiding coordination issues is to charter a bus. If you have a group of 20 people or more you could opt for a school bus or a coach bus. The coach buses are luxurious, with ample storage space and legroom, Wi-Fi, a bathroom and even power sockets. They are the best choice if you have a big group and you are planning a longer journey. The mini bus or the mini coach have most of the same amenities, except for the bathroom and huge storage space, and make for the perfect transportation for shorter journeys and smaller groups.

Famous Landmarks

New York City is completely filled with beautiful sites and exotic landmarks such as Central Park, Ellis Island, American Museum of Natural History, Empire State Building etc. But,whether or not you are a musical enthusiast, it will be impossible for you to ignore the richness in NYC’s musical heritage. From streets to cafes and even hotel rooms, even a mild stroll in the streets of New York will leave you completely enchanted.

The Carnegie Music Hall and the Radio City Music Hall: These two concert venues are just at 10-minute walking distance from each other and both of them offer tours through their historic buildings. But the real fun and essence lies in the shows they host that keeps adding on to their grandeur. Hence, we would suggest you to make some time and go for those. 

The Apollo Theatre: The famous ‘Amateur nights’ that is hosted by Apollo Theatre makes way for new talents, thus launching their careers till date. Hence, we would suggest you to visit this place at least once to spot some new and untethered talents.

Beacon Theatre: It is a yet another historic theatre where you can sniff the music history of NYC just by stepping in. Many famous artists such as Queen, The Rolling Stones, and Michael Jackson have performed in this theater, thus making it completely worth the hype.

Hotel Chelsea: A home to numerous poets, writers, musicians, and artists, Hotel Chelsea is a place with deep-rooted artistic history and has always managed to be in limelight. Leonard Cohen even ended up singing a song about his adventures in this hotel and titled it as ‘Chelsea Hotel #2’.

But this is not all. New York City is filled with places that are quite obscure, but nevertheless have lots to offer such as:Strawberry Fields, Joe Strummer Memorial, Café Wha?, Electric Lady Studios, Physical Graffiti, Jones Street and West 4th Street, CBGB, The Factory, Memory Motel, The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan, and The Dream House.

Most sites in New York City have pre-booking systems available to provide you private tours. While these tours can get a little pricey, but your group will be filled in on the specifics of the school. One point you will have to remember is that these pre-booking tickets tend to get filled quite too fast. Hence, always make sure to book ahead of your time and plan your tour accordingly.

New York has a rich taste in music and a deep seated musical history. While visiting all of the musical attractions this city has to offer is the easiest way to connect to its heart, we would highly recommend you to lengthen you stay a bit and walk across the New York streets at night. The faint sound of music that enters your ear will definitely leave you with musical moments that you will reminiscent later.