There are vacations you take as a carefree adult, and then there are vacations you take as a family or a mom with kids. As you probably already know, aside from the fact that both involve traveling, the two things have very little in common! When you didn’t have children, you didn’t have to worry quite so much about planning your schedule. If you found yourself short of things to do for an afternoon or an evening, you could just head to the nearest bar to pass the time. That’s not quite as easy when you have kids in tow!

For family vacations, some destinations are out of the question. You can probably rule out Las Vegas until the kids are 18. Disney is always an option, but you can’t go to Disney every year. You’ll eventually get bored of it, but you’re more likely to become broke first! If you’re looking to head abroad in search of somewhere that all the family will enjoy, we can whole-heartedly recommend Greece.

If you were paying attention in school, you’d know that Greece is a place of ancient wonders. Some of our favorite topics to learn about in school were Ancient Greek myths and legends, like Medusa, Perseus, and Hercules. In fact, some of those fascinations have followed us into adulthood. Check out any worthwhile online slots website such as Rose Slots, and you’ll find plenty of strictly adults-only online slots featuring many familiar names from Greek myth. Slots like Zeus: God of Thunder and Medusa Megaways cash in on the fact that Greek’s allure has an enduring appeal and attracts almost as many visitors as the country and its islands! There’s nothing quite like seeing the places behind the stories with your own eyes, though, and so if you’re planning a family trip to Greece, here’s the information we think you need to know.

There Are Royal Ceremonies in Athens

When we hear the word ‘royalty,’ we usually think of England, but England isn’t the only place with a royal pedigree. The monarchy of Greece might have been abolished in 1973, but much of the pageantry that surrounded it still remains – mostly because it plays well with tourists. Kids usually love watching ceremonies like the ‘Changing of the Guard,’ which is almost the same as the identically-named ceremony that happens outside London’s Buckingham Palace. There’s music, there are marches, and there are plenty of photo opportunities. Your kids can even get a picture with a palace guard once they’ve stopped marching and returned to their starting positions.

There Are Islands Full Of Cats

There are many different stories that try to explain why Greece is full of cats, but none of them have ever truly gotten to the bottom of the story. We don’t know why the cats are there, but they are – and there are thousands of them! Greece is surrounded by several small islands, and at least one of them is only populated by cats, with a few humans placed there specifically to look after them. If you or your kids love cats (and who doesn’t?), heading to a cat island is a fun way to pass an afternoon. Even if you don’t, you’ll find that they come and approach you for food and attention whenever you sit down for two minutes outside. Greece is heaven for cat lovers!

Santorini’s Beaches Are The Quietest

A packed beach isn’t fun for anybody – especially for children who just want space to play, run around, and build sandcastles. Unfortunately, the majority of Greek beaches are packed almost shoulder to shoulder at the busiest times of the year, with the exception of Santorini. Santorini is every bit as quiet as it is beautiful – and it’s very beautiful. There are enough restaurants and stalls dotted around for you to get a drink or something to eat without wandering too far, but there’s also endless space for the kids to run around and make as much noise as they want without getting in anybody else’s way. It’s a good place to come and let loose for a while – and perhaps even have a nap when all of your (and their) energy is spent.

Delphi Is Good For Culture

Even if the primary purpose of your vacation is to have fun, you should fit a little culture and historical education into your trip. Athens is full of incredible ancient sights, but you’ll probably have seen everything Athens has to show you in that respect in one day. The next best place to look after that is Delphi, which is approximately two hours’ drive from the center of Athens. The ruins of the town there are almost 2500 years old – older than most civilizations on the face of the Earth today! You’ll get more of a flavor of ‘old Greece’ here than you will in Athens, where brand new buildings stand side by side with ancient ruins. If you’re looking for authentic Greek souvenirs, this is the best place to pick up rugs and pillows, which are made by local artisans and make for a better gift than a fridge magnet.

Expect To Pay By Cash

Although major hotels and restaurants in Greece will accept payment by debit or credit card, outside of Athens, almost everything works on cash. The currency in Greece is the Euro, and you’d be better advised to exchange your money before entering the country rather than doing so when you get there. You’ll be expected to play for any boat trips or guided tours by cash, and you should carry a little extra to give out in tips, too. If you’re American, the expectation regarding tips is exactly the same as it is at home, so this shouldn’t be strange to you. Don’t be afraid to negotiate, though. If you can’t see a price written down anywhere, the first price a seller gives to you verbally is an opening offer. Argue them down, and be prepared to walk away if you think they’re being unreasonable. You’ll often find they call you back to accept your final offer!

Greece might not have the thrills and spills of a Disney package holiday, but it’s a phenomenal country full of history, culture, character, and great cuisine. Very young children might not appreciate it, but if the kids in your family are ten or older, they should love it – and so should you!