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Plastic Foliage Hand Soap Giveaway

What a cool idea plastic foliage has come up with!  I set the hands out for my daughter to use when she came home from school.  My daughter came running out of the bathroom with the hand saying “there is a hand in my bathroom” I explained to her that it’s soap and to wash her hands with it, after doing so she says “mom this is cool, I like my hand soap”!  The soap is a really nice smooth texture and has a very light scent, which is great because I am not a big fan of really strong smelling soap.  On top of doing a great job cleaning your hands it looks so cute in the soap dish, instead of that clunky big bar of soap!  In fact, the hand soap has been such a big hit at my house I think both my husband and daughter are just washing their hands because they want to play with the soap.  If this is all it takes, then I need to stock up on this soap for sure.

“Each hand is a (functional) work of art as they are handmade, so each set is slightly different with different hand-shapes & skin-ish colors.”  The soap is made out of vegetable glycerin and come individually bagged and in a really cute green organza bag. I think its pretty amazing that each little hand is all handmade, and I wondered how did Marie (the owner) come up with this, and I learned more here. It’s really awesome!

This would be a great unique gift for someone special in your life or even for a baby shower!  Plastic foliage is offering a limited time coupon code: Makobi = 10% off total purchase for 1 week so you can get a discount on their hand soap or any other product in their store.  They have a variety products to include hand soap, eco-friendly kids clothes (made from second-hand fabrics) and a lot more.  If you enjoyed Plastic Foliage’s store, check out their blog  Imaginary Animal.  There are all kinds of cool random things to read about and look at!


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