Play Laser Tag At Home

I do not know about you , but my kids could not wait for the weather to get warm and stable. I live in a part of the south that gets a lot of tornado and all around bad weather. We have had tornadoes up until and through May, including this year. Thankfully, we did not get caught in any of the nasty twisters here, but last year we did. We lost a car and half of our roof in that storm. On days like these and the kids cannot get outside, I need to get creative on keeping them busy. I do not mind the kids playing video games, watching videos or television. I just do not want them doing it the entire time they are in the house. That is why I love Think Fun games, because they are always coming up with the most fun games for kids. When I have a Think Fun game in the house, the kids tend to forget about even going outside!

Play Laser Tag At Home

When I was asked if I was interested in receiving the new Laser Maze game from Think Fun, I was hesitant. I imagined the kids running through the house with laser guns creating havoc. What a relief when I found out that Think Fun’s idea to play laser tag at home was different from mine! With Think Fun, Laser Maze was a board game that used laser pointers. The worst thing you can do with a laser pointer is to torture your cats making them run all over chasing the red dot. (how do you like my cool laser pointer picture?!). I have to tell you , this is a really fun and fast moving game! The game is pretty simple to follow but not as easy to execute. You select a card and set up the board to look like the card. Next you try to get your laser to light up the targets you have set up. This is one of the rare games that will keep your kids (and you) occupied for hours!

Think Fun is a company that was founded by a husband and wife team in 1985. Although the game industry was not as hot as they had hoped, the couple forged ahead. With their humble beginnings in their basement with the first product being made, packaged and sold from there, they have grown so much. What Bill and Andrea had dreamed of, they have been able to see come to fruition. They had a simple hope that the ideas of mathematicians, engineers and inventors into games that kids could play and be challenged by. You can purchase the Think Fun products from their website, including Laser Maze, which retails fro $29.99.

One USA reader will win one Laser Maze ($29.99)


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