Durex Sparks

Did you read the post when I was talking about Finding Time For Your Partner When You Have Kids? Durex sent me a kit to explore the Liberating Side of Being Together which included Sparks to help bring my husband and I closer together. We  worked on exploring intimacy and closeness which is something that I feel partners take for granted over a period of time. It is nice to be able to rekindle those rose colored dating day feelings! Since working with the Inspirational Sparks, I scheduled a weekend to ourselves at a hotel downtown and sent the kids to Grandma’s house. It was a very nice surprise for my husband, but I really owe the inspiration to the Spark I found on the Durex website.

Spark #5
Excite your partner with spontaneous acts of love. Love is a dynamic emotion, and deserves more than a static reaction. Is your heart bursting? Today’s the day to do something about it. Get inspired to act on your feelings with memorable moments in the history of emoting.

It was a needed time for both of us to reconnect. Sometimes, you forget how much time and energy the kids can drain from you. Now, I take the conscious time to scratch his back or give him a pat when I walk by. He comments on how I look and pays more attention when I am talking. It is like when we were first dating!

The spark below was truly an inspiration as well! We brought along a bluetooth speaker and made a date-night song play-list that we danced to and cuddled with. It was full of past, present and (at that time) future memories. Musica always triggers feelings in us, so it was the perfect avenue for our love to be shared.

Spark #9
Change the tune of your mood music. Anyone can throw together a haphazard collection of songs with the word “love” in them, but your candle-lit dinner deserves better. It takes a true romantic to craft the perfect, harmonious atmosphere that brings you closer so that you can go further.

You should take the Liberating Side of Being Together challenge with your partner and rekindle what you fell in love with in the beginning. Check out their Facebook page at durexUSA to keep up-to-date on their latest inspirations!