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3 Ways Playing An Instrument Improves Your Quality of Life

Music. It’s the soundtrack of our lives. Music provides relief, relaxation, motivation and so much more.No music is as sweet as the music you make yourself, with your own two hands. Learning to play an instrument is no easy feat. It takes dedication, determination and the willingness to not get it right over and over again. But when you do, there is no greater reward. I keep as many instruments as I can around the house as I can. There no greater way to amuse yourself than to sit around noodling with your favorite instruments. Plus this lets my kids figure out what instrument really speaks to them. Life is good with homemade music in it. Here’s just a few ways making your own music can improve your quality of life.

How Learning Music Makes Your Life Better

It’s a well known fact that people who can read and/or play music do better in school, particularly in math. When reading music you learn to break whole notes into half, quarter and eighth notes. When playing music you learn time and tempo. By default you get better at math. The Harmony Project in Los Angeles found that the kids who participated in their program mostly went to graduate high school and then on to notable universities. Regularly beating the odds of their neighborhood peers.

Sometimes life just isn’t going your way. If you are having a bad day often just listening to your favorite songs can improve your mood. Music is nostalgic and can take you places in your mind. Playing music is therapeutic on a whole different level. It taps into the depths of your emotions and subconscious releasing endorphins that can improve mood and mental capacity.

There are few things that come to mind that bring families closer together than learning and playing music together. As a parent I’ve never felt so proud as when my kids master a new song, progression or beat. Personally I like to let my kids choose what instrument they would like to learn to play. For those out there can’t keep a house full of instruments, you’ll have to make a choice as far what instrument is right for you or your kids. A good instrument for those that are just beginning their journey into the realm musical creation is the Ukulele. It creates beautiful melodies and is a great addition to any family band.

The Ukulele is a fascinating instrument. It appears as just a simple four string that would seem like the most basic of instruments. Looks can be deceiving though. The Ukulele by itself make beautiful music that is simple and harmonious. Put two or more Ukes together and you get some very haunting and ethereal melodies and harmonies. As with any instrument, there are many different levels of quality to choose from. If you are indeed serious about learning to play, invest in a quality instrument. The sound, the feel and the durability are markedly different from there cheaper counterparts. Hricane Ukuleles are hand crafted from the finest materials available to create a beautiful looking and sounding instrument at an affordable price. These awesome instruments are available on Amazon.com. You can choose from Soprano Ukuleles from $59.99 or my favorite, the Concert Ukulele from $65.99. Once you’ve made your decision to start playing and dive in your life will never be the same again.

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