Pognae Baby Carrier

My Pognae Baby Carrier Review – When you look up the phrase “high maintenance”, you will surely see a picture of my daughter Paige. Paige is 16 months and such a mama’s girl. She wants to be held all the time! It’s hard to get things done and chase after my 3 year old when she acts this way. My problems have been solved! No ,Paige didn’t meet a magical fairy, but I sort of did. I was contacted by Pognae to review their baby carrier. At first I thought, well I already have a baby carrier, what make this one different. The difference is, it carries Paige comfortably at 16months (19 pounds) vs my other, which doesn’t. The Pognae baby carrier holds up to 45 pounds and recommended for ages newborn to 36 months. Hopefully Paige won’t require me to carry her as often when she is 36 months. I eventually would like to have another baby, in which this will again come in very handy. The Pognae has a infant insert for babies under 4 months which makes carrying safe and easy.

Why Choose Pognae? My biggest question was what makes Pognae baby carrier different from other baby carriers? Besides the weight and age as I described above, Pognae baby carrier is easy to put on and comfortable for me and baby! It is made out of light weight fabric with moldable shoulder straps that have a mesh lining. The shock-resistant waist belt helps to relieve those extra pounds on your hips from your baby’s weight. The chest straps and waist are adjustable to your size, making this the perfect fit baby carrier. I also love that it is made out of 100% pure cotton and the mesh is 100% polyester. The Pognae is machine washable.

Pognae comes in 7 different fabulous styles! All styles include a attachable pouch for those extra small items you may need such as a pacifier. This pouch can also be folded down to a more breathable mesh back.  I received the Venice. I love the floral and fun pattern!  To purchase a Pognae carrier like mine it is sold for $89 on the Pognae website.



  1. i love pognae carrier. it´s the best one a have ever tried. it´s really comfortable, light and my baby fits in it very well (since she was 3 months old). she always enjoys our walks. we wear it almost everyday. i highly recommend it. however if you buy it from the US website, the carrier doen´t come with the hood, what is interesting because of the wind, and when the baby is sleeping. so, i would suggest you buy it from a korean website. enjoy it.

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