Portable Art Kit For Kids

Portable Art Kit For Kids

If you have kids and they get stuck running errands with you, a portable art kit for kids would be a big help!  Since my back injury, I have had tons of appointments, most of which are 30 minutes away.  I can’t drive, so my husband has been my chauffeur!  On nice days, it works out great for my family to drop me off and go to the park until I am finished.  On rainy or really hot days, the places they can wait for me are narrowed considerably.  We just don’t have the money to take the kids to a fast food place with an indoor playground, so they end up waiting for me inside the office.  I try to pack things that will keep them busy, but I really don’t like taking their handheld games with us.  I am just paranoid something will get dropped or left behind and then we are out $150 for a gaming system we can’t afford to replace.

I have found a great alternative for the boredom busters for the kids.  Doodle Roll is a great portable art kit the kids can take anywhere.  Marc Cooper was in the recycling business and soon became a successful paper broker and started his new business, The Fiber Resource Group.  In 2011, Marc’s company celebrated its 15th successful year in business.  Marc is married to his Director of Creativity, Diana and they have 3 great kids.  Diana has a background in art and has been pursuing her lifelong dream to have creative outlets for her talents.  It is easy to see how the Doodle Roll came to be with all the creative energy in the Cooper household!!  Doodle Roll recently received a great honor by making it into Parenting Magazines Top 25 “Best in Play” at the 2012 Toy Fair.  That is such a great honor!  You can follow Doodle Roll on Facebook and on Twitter.

Art On The Go

What a great idea to creative a product that lets your budding artists take their art on the go!  I love the Doodle Roll for all the facets that work together to make such a great product.  You get a set of 4 double sided crayons in their own case, which is attached to the Doodle Roll.  The rolled paper, which comes in 15’ or 30’ rolls, is a great weight so you aren’t going to tear your art like you can with other art on a roll products.  Marc sent my family two products; the 6” Doodle Roll with crayons ($12.99) and the Doodle Roll with its Writing Board ($7.99).  The kids could not wait to open the Doodle Rolls and were off in a flash to race to see who could draw a picture first!  As you can see from the picture, Henry was the winner as he proudly shows off his amazing art work!!  This product is a lifesaver for any parent who has kids who love art and would love to take their art with them.

One reader will win a 6” Doodle Roll ($12.99) as well as the Doodle Roll Writing Board Version ($7.99)

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  1. I would love to get my son a doodle roll for our road trips, he loves to color and draw so this would be small and compact for our car and he would have hours of entertainment!

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