Portable Healthy Fruit Snacks

Portable Healthy Fruit Snacks

If you have kids you need to find portable healthy fruit snacks when you are away from home.  Whenever we take a trip to the park or shopping or any other place, I always pack a snack and drink bag.  We don’t have the extra money to eat at a fast food restaurant several times a week.  Also, fast food isn’t very healthy, so we avoid them as often as possible.  My kids are huge fruit lovers, so I always make sure I have a variety of fruits we can grab and go.  The one drawback of taking fruit snacks on the go is the limited variety you can find that are easy to prepare.  If my kids want a pineapple or pomegranate, that is a pain to prepare, so we usually don’t include those in our snack bag.

Buddy Fruits is a company that brings you an innovative way to take your fruit on the go.  The idea of snack pouches is linked back to France where the residents eat a ton of fruits and veggies.  In France, fruit pouches are widely available and because they are so easy to transport, they are widely popular.  The idea to bring fruit pouches to the USA came from a road trip a family took down the infamous Route 66.  This French chef and his family quickly found that the fruit pouches they were used to buying in France were nowhere to be found in America.  On a return trip in 2007, with many fruit pouches in tow, the pouches had such a positive reception that this chef and his family uprooted themselves from France in order to bring to America an innovative and delicious, easy and healthy treat for all.  You will find only 100% natural products in Buddy Fruits.  There are no preservatives, additives or anything else that is unhealthy in these pouches.  All you get is fruit…100% fruit, just the way it was intended!

Eating Enough Fruit

If there is one area my family lacks in their diet, it is with not eating enough fruit.  I am a lazy person at heart, so I hate to cut and chop fruits and vegetables for my family.  I am in a quandary because I want their food to be as close to natural as possible. Canned fruits and vegetables are not in their nakedness they were intended, so in turn we are giving our family chemicals they should not have in their diet.  When I came across Buddy Fruits, I knew this could be the answer I was looking for!  How truly wonderful to throw a few pouches in a bag and heading out the door! No cutting or chopping involved (unless you count twisting off the top of the pouch!!).  I received a variety pack from Buddy Fruits that included several fruit pouches, fruit bites and coconut milk and fruits.  My kids were a bit skeptical at first, so I told them that even Olympic athletes ate Buddy Fruits.  DeeDee Trotter who on the gold medal in the 400 meter relay race and the bronze medal in the 400 meter race in London is a fan of Buddy Fruits!  The kids watched much of the Olympic Games with us, and they remembered seeing DeeDee race.  These Buddy Fruits are such a wonderful addition to our day now.  They kids love the taste, I love the 100% natural ingredients and we all love how healthy they are.  We even made an applesauce cake with the applesauce and cinnamon pouch!

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  1. love mango, love to try the mango banana passion fruit, blended fruites have a couple of marinade recipes I would love to try these with.

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