Portable Speakers With Big Sound

Portable Speakers With Big Sound

If you want to take your music to go, you want portable speakers with big sound.  It can be difficult to find portable speakers that have a sound that does not match the small size of the speakers!  I had a set of portable speakers a while ago and we took them to the pool for a party.  The sound was so bad that the people at the end of the pool that was farthest from the speakers could not hear the music clearly.  Now that is uncool!  I have been researching companies that make portable speakers that have a better sound than my last set of portable speakers.  I have a get together at the lake coming up and I would like the music to be heard by all the guests, no matter where they are located.

SuperTooth is a world leader in the making of Bluetooth speakerphones and portable accessories.  In 2004, SuperTooth introduced a speaker that attached to the visor in your car.  Now we are lucky to have their latest product; the SuperTooth Crystal Bluetooth speakerphone.  SuperTooth owns their factory and is in charge of every step of the process from designing a new product to shipping it out when it is available for sale.  With this control over their products, SuperTooth is able to bring you the best in Bluetooth items at a very affordable cost.  To learn more about SuperTooth you can like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.

Best Speakers To Go

In my opinion, the best speakers to go are those from SuperTooth.  I have reviewed items from SuperTooth in the past and I love their products.  I was offered the SuperTooth Disco Portable speaker ($149.00).  This portable speaker packs a lot of punch in this small package.  The Disco can fit easily into your purse or tote bag and can be taken anywhere.  The Disco can be easily controlled by your smart phone, PC or MP3 that support the Bluetooth A2DP.  If you do not have the Bluetooth capabilities, the Disco comes with an adapter that will allow any device work with the Disco.  What I love about the Disco is the clear sound you get from it.  Another perk of the Disco is the length of time it can hold a charge.  If you play your music at a higher level, you will have 4 hours of playtime and if played at medium level, you can get up to 10 hours of play time. The Disco is completely rechargeable, which is so convenient.  This is a great piece of equipment if you are on the go a lot and want to take great sound with you.


  1. It seems like these are great portable speakers that can fill the room with sound. Thanks for sharing.

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