Portion Control Plates

Have you wanted to lose the pounds, even made New years resolutions, but you just can’t get there? Try portion control plates. I can appreciate how you feel. I have been wanting to lose weight for a while and have lost some, but want to lose more. My problem is always wanting to snack throughout the day. When I heard about the 9Plate from Yum Yum Dishes I had to check it out.

Portion Control Plates For Adults

As I was looking around at the dishes, I decided on the blue plate. At the bottom of the plate there are 3 sections for carbs, veggies and protein. You can easily separate your food in the right proportions. What I found appealing is the saying at the bottom of the plate “ Yum Yum time is Over”. I have yet to go over one serving as the phrase makes you think twice. I have relished in using the plate.

I always knew and heard of going to a restaurant with the plates being bigger than normal, but I had no idea most were 11 to 13 inches. I measured our own dinner plates and was stunned they were 11 inches. It’s no wonder most of us over eat while we are out with family and friends or even at home.

The 9Plate comes in 4 different colors, cherry red, sunshine yellow, pistachio green and bold blue. A set of 4 plates is $29.00. They also have 4 oz bowls for snacking that includes plastic lids. I plan on getting the other 3 plates and use 2 for snacks and the other 2 for dinners. My husband even wants his own set for when he is out to town. They have begun carrying snap on lids for easy carry. You can only buy the plates online on at Yum Yum Dishes. The code for all users to use for 20% off their entire order is MAKOBI in all caps.

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