Portion Control Tips For Weight Loss

I have struggled with my weight for so long it is not even funny! At this stage in my life, I have probably been overweight longer than I have been at a healthy weight. I made a decision when I turned 50 to get serious about getting healthy. I have ditched the diet soda and artificial sweeteners, have gone organic and Non-GMO and am heading in the gluten free direction. One area I have had a tough time with has been portion control. When I was growing up, we ate larger portions and often we went back for seconds. This led to my unhealthy eating habits and has nagged me for many years. When I decided to eat healthy, I knew I had to get on top of my portion control. The problem with this was I really had no idea what portion control was or how to manage it. I did some research and came up with some great tips!

5 Portion Control Tips That Work pin

5 Portion Control Tips That Work

  1. Change Your Plates: The first thing I did was to get rid of the larger dinner plates I was using. I began using the medium plates that came in our set of dinnerware. This was a huge help in keeping me on track.
  2. Know Your Pyramid: In order to know what portion control tips to use, you need to know what foods to portion! Your plate should be filled with one half of fruits and veggies, one quarter protein and the remaining quarter of whole grains.
  3. Cut Down On The Liquid Calories: Whenever possible, you want to chew your calories and not drink them. Instead of drinking a glass of orange juice, eat an orange. Get rid of those high calorie sugary drinks and replace them with water, green tea or seltzer.
  4. Read Your Package: When you buy foods like chips, pretzels and other like items, they will list what a serving should be. If a package of whole grain pretzels calls for 18 pretzels per serving, go ahead and count out all the servings and put them in a zip lock baggie. This way you can just grab a bag and go! Just do not snack straight out of the bag because that opens the door for grazing. You can also buy single serving bags, but they are more expensive, so I stay away from those. If you have trouble stopping with one serving, you may need to just stay away from that particular food.
  5. Know What A Portion Is: One problem many of us have is not knowing what a portion actually looks like. The rule of thumb is pretty easy once you get the hang of it. When it comes to portion control tips for weight loss, these will help you tremendously. Protein like chicken or beef should be either 4 ounces or the size of a deck of cards, while fish should be the size of your checkbook, pasta the size of a baseball, 2 tablespoons of peanut butter is the size of a golf ball and whole grains and rice should be the size of a tennis ball. A baked potato should be the size of a computer mouse, cheese the size of a game die, a pancake the size of a CD, and a teaspoon is the size of your thumb.


When it comes to portion control of my protein, I tend to struggle with eyeballing the size. Because this is one part of my diet with the most calories, I do not want to leave my portion up to guesswork. Instead, I prefer to weigh my portions, and that way, I know exactly how much I am getting. The easiest way for me to do this is with a portable kitchen scale, and I chose the Surpahs Touch Precision Digital Kitchen Food Scale, which sells for $21 on Amazon. This slim and modernly designed electronic scale fits in perfectly with the decor of my kitchen. It is lightweight, has 4 high precision sensors, a tempered glass platform with a blue LCD back light display. You can measure in either US or International metric systems and it ca weight up to 5 pounds. I love the TARE key, which quickly calculates the net weight of your food by subtracting the container weight.

One other tool I need to keep me on track with my diet is a scale for myself. I guess when it comes to portion control, a body scale keeps y body portion in line! I chose the portable and lightweight Surpahs “Step-ON” Rectangle Small Body Weight Scale in blue, which sells for $20 on Amazon. I love this small scale which can handle up to 400 pounds but is small enough to fit under my kitchen cubby. If I travel, I can easily slip it into my carry on with no problem. It has an easy to read LED display and a “step on” technology, which means it gives me an instant reading without the need of a prior toe touch. Surpahs also carries several types of high quality kitchen and bathroom scales and bamboo products. Be sure to follow Surpahs on Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.

Do you use any of these portion control tips for weight loss in your diet?