I came across one of the sweetest companies I’ve even seen. To be honest, I get overwhelmed with love for my children when I shop through all the neat and sweet items Positively Proud has. For this review, Positively Proud sent me Lunch Mail, Lunch Box Letters Book, Positively Proud Packet, and Kids Table Topics. This neat little packaged arrived so beautifully wrapped. As I started to go through everything I couldn’t help but look down at my little girls and smile. Positively Proud will have that effect on you.
When my children bath at night, I like to sit on the toilet seat and read a book. It really is the only time of the day, I get to read because when they sleep I have to work. So I sat and read the LunchBox Letters. This short book is amazing! It really reminded me how important it is to compliment my children and how it can really connect the two of you. My oldest daughter is only 3 but we already have our own little inside jokes. I know, that when I’m feeling down and she says one of our jokes, it really makes me feel happy and I get a big smile on my face. The book also gave me some really great idea’s when creating a special little note to put in her lunch box or back pack. Lunch Box Letters has cute tear out paper to help get me started on making precious little notes. My daughters will be spending the weekend with my mom. I told my mom about this and thought it would be neat to send a note for each night I’m away. My mom could then read it to the girls so they know how much I love and miss them. To purchase a copy of Lunch Box Letters, it is sold for $8.95.

Lunch Mail is extraordinary cute! They are little pop up cards that have different messages that encourage you child and help promote self-esteem. You can also add your own message. The Lunch Mail “I believe you” theme is sold in a pack of 30 for $4.95. You can also purchase other themes such as You’re Incredible, Dream Big, Reach for the Stars, and You can do it.

Dinner time at our house has routine conversations, such as what did you do today. Instead of having the same conversation how about learning something new about your child. Kids Table Topics To Go are small cards that have great questions/ conversation starters. I had so much fun reading these cards to my daughters. My 3 year old answers were hilarious!! I can’t wait to see how the answer change over the months. These cards are not only perfect for at home, but also a great “game” to bring when you go out to dinner with the kids. What better way to pass time while waiting for your food. To purchase Kids Table Topics To Go they are priced $9.00 on the Positively Proud website.

My daughter Ava loves to received stickers and rewards for accomplishments. The Positively Proud Packet, is perfect for moms and teachers. The Positively Proud Packet is loaded with rewards, charts, tokens, notepaper, lunch mail, postcards, stickers, and much more that help boost your child’s self-esteem and make them feel appreciated. The Positively Proud Packet is sold for $14.95
Positively Proud has great books, greeting cards, fun kitchen items, personalized goodies, charts, stickers, awards, and much more. Make your child feel loved with Positively Proud. Until September 15, enter the discount code “blog15” for a 15% discount off any purchase (no minimum required).

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