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Potty Training Woes? How Do You Get That Kid On The Potty? #PullsUpsPottyBreaks

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Huggies Pull-Ups.

How do you get your child to take a potty break? That is the age old question isn’t it? My oldest, Billy was so easy to potty train. He just did it one day and that was it. Jakobi, my second child, was pretty easy as well. I had him potty trained in two weeks. Mason, sigh, my Mason; he is taking his sweet ol’ time. Currently we are going on a year. He gets the whole idea of potty training. He understands that he needs to go in the potty, but “Jeez Mom, He is a busy little kid!” He doesn’t have time for the insignificant things like going to the bathroom in the proper place when there is so much to explore. I guess if I look at it like he has only been on this Earth for 3 years, and I have been here for 40; I should cut him some slack. Until he pees on my couch…again. The dear boy looks as sweet as an angel, right?

My how looks can be deceiving! I was pretty much ready to pull my hair out, when I decided to just let go and see what motivates him. I know snacks do as I told you in the Make Potty Training Fun Not Scary post, but this little monster figured that out real quick. He started to pee in the potty in little spurts so he would get more snacks. Every five minutes he would go back and dribble a little. Manipulating the system starts young! A change in tactics was necessary. NOW when he pottys, we have a potty party. We whoop and yell and wear Huggies Pull Ups on our heads. We can celebrate in exercise all day long and no sugar crash! I figure if you make the potty breaks as fun as what you are tearing your child away from, it might get easier…RIGHT?

Pull-Ups helps take the scare out of potty training by making it fun and easy with new Monsters U character training pants! You can help make potty training easier by staying consistent and using rituals like the potty break. Make it a game and ask your toddler, “What does a little monster take?”…“A Potty Break!”

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Huggies Pull-Ups.


  1. I love how you made Potty Training fun… it is so stressful as parents and the fact that Pull Ups help with making it less stressful is awesome

  2. Oh my goodness, you son cracks me up! I love Huggins pull ups! It’s what I used with my boys and what I plan to use with my daughter when she is ready! Love huggies!!

  3. love the pix with the pull ups on their heads–too too funny!! Now that my son is five–it seems like so far away! I used pull ups and they made all the difference!

  4. Potty party (lol) is a great idea, we are really close to the potty training stage and I am totally stealing that idea! Love it!

  5. My son is 10 and all memory of those days are gone thank goodness! I suspect your youngest is the smartest of the bunch and knows that he is keeping a little bit of power by dragging the training on!

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