Popsicles are a staple item in our house.  Every night my son has a popsicle as his after dinner treat, whether it be during our evening walks or before swimming in the pool!  We love popsicles!  What I don’t love is the large of amount of sugar and empty calories they contain!  My four year old son is pretty picky when it comes to eating his fruits and vegetables.  I play Houdini on a daily basis trying to sneak in healthy vitamins and nutrients into his meals without him knowing!   So needless to say I was so excited to discover Power Of Fruit fruit bars!  Power of Fruit bars are made with fruit…whole fruit and nothing but the fruit!!  These yummy bars contain a variety of delicious fruits, a little all natural fruit juice concentrate and water.  They come in five delicious flavors – Original, Bananaberry, Tropical, Orange Tango and Cherry Berry.  The bars are all under 35 calories with only 0.2g fat or less!  Power of Fruit bars all contain fiber and are under 10g Carbs per serving!  Each bar contain 1/2 a daily fruit serving.  Such an easy and delicious way to get your fruit intake for the day.  And I love the nutrition label!  The ingredients are listed as follows (for the Bananaberry for example) strawberries, bananas, strawberry juice concentrate, water and nothing else. No added sugar, color or preservative.  None.  Zero Zilch.  Ah, Witty and healthy!

So last night we did a little switcheroo on my son.  We changed out his normal sugary Dora Icepop for a Power of Fruit bar.  Of course, as every four year old is, he was initially quite skeptical.  But after the first bite, he said “Hmmm, these ARE delicious”, doubting what we had been telling him all along.    He has tried the Bananaberry, Tropical and Orange Tango and they have all been a big hit.  I’m sure this will be his new night time treat, that is if we can keep them in the house!  My husband has been having at least two a night and loves them!  I love that they are naturally sweet and my husband loves the pieces of real fruit in each bite.  I’m happy that we have a new healthier alternative to sugary popsicles that my whole family loves!  If you are looking for a delicious frozen fruit bar that is all-natural, all-fruit, naturally trans fat and gluten free, Power of Fruit is the bar for you!!

Power of Fruit can be found at retailers nationwide including Publix, Fresh Market, Giant and Wegmans, to name a few!    Follow them on Facebook for the latest product information, photos and retailers near you!